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10 Marriage Equality Quotes

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  • 2021-06-17
  • By: Jane

Marriage has always been a rather straightforward idea. When a guy and a woman truly love each other, they marry. However, as society has grown, so has our understanding of marriage. When two people genuinely love one other, they marry.

Marriage equality represents the freedom to love someone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

In this article, you’ll familiarize yourself with marriage equality quotes.

What Is Equality in Marriage?

Marriage equality refers to the fact that same-sex and opposite-sex couples have the same legal right to marry.

Quotes on Marriage Equality

The top ten marriage equality quotations are listed below.

1.      Pushing for marriage equality frequently includes exaggerating about what we'll do with marriages while we're there, because we erroneously assert that the idea of marriage will not alter. Marriage is evolving as an institution, and it should. And, once again, I feel it has no place in the world." -Masha Gessen

2.      Every American has the constitutional right to marry the person they love, regardless of where they live. No state should have the authority to choose who is allowed to marry and who is not. Thanks to the diligent efforts of many, this prejudice will come to an end soon, and every American will be allowed to exercise their equal right to marry. -Brad Pitt

3.      A middle ground may be to campaign for marriage equality and its advantages, then entirely rethink marriages once they are given, seeking the right to get married not as a way of complying to society's moral rules, but as a means of debunking a fallacy and profoundly transforming an ancient institution. Legitimizing marriage equality also provides a chance to fundamentally alter the American cultural definition of family. -Michelangelo, Signorile

4.      I had no idea I was a homosexual celebrity. I get a lot of mail, but I don't receive many unpleasant letters; nevertheless, the other day, I had a woman who was furious with me because they asked, "How do you feel about homosexual marriage?" I honestly don't care who you sleep with; all I worry about is if you're a nice human being. The rest, I assume, is your business and not mine. And it wasn't hers, by the way. -Betty White

5.      We are ecstatic with today's State Supreme Court decision allowing California to legalize marital equality. It is a genuine tribute to the advancement of equality and recognizing every Californian's right to build a future with the person they love. Mildred Loving, whose marriage to a man of a different race culminated in the Supreme Court verdict that declared marriage colorblind, died recently. Today's decision serves as yet another critical reminder that love will triumph. -Karen Bass

6.      One of the things I've learned as I've been participating in the battle for marriage equality is how many individuals have been injured by the campaigns I've been part of. I apologize to them and express my regret. While there have been recent triumphs, this might still be a lengthy battle with setbacks, and I'll do everything I can to help. -Ken Mehlman

7.      My first inquiry is: Are same-sex partnerships considered marriages? I oppose prejudice, intolerance, and marriage equality, but I do not believe that same-sex marriage constitutes marriage. As a result, I feel it is incorrect for the government to use the law to force us to believe that same-sex relationships are marriages. -Maggie Gallagher

8.      It is both cruel and unconstitutional to allow same-sex spouses to adopt kids and then designate their family as second-class citizens since this adoptive family are of the same sex. It should be unacceptable to all Americans who claim to believe in kinship ties to designate some families, particularly their kids, as less valued. -Stephen Reinhardt

9.      As of now, there is no reason to believe that prohibiting same-sex spouses from wedding and failing to acknowledge their out-of-state unions will result in either fewer children for same-sex couples or more kids for opposite-sex partners. The Virginia Marriage Law does not appear to assist Virginia's professed goal of routing children into ideal families, even if we accept the dubious claim that same-sex spouses are less competent parents.-Henry Franklin Floyd

10.  There is no doubt that our children's welfare is a legitimate concern for the state. It is also true, however, that limiting the institution of marriage to couples of opposite sexes fails to promote the goals of equality. As a result, the Virginia Marriage Laws do not serve the interests of married couples, but instead, seek to denigrate the loving children raised by those couples. E. S.-T. [The 15-year-old daughter of two of the plaintiffs] is unwittingly denied the security, stability, acknowledgement, and legality that their marriage can provide. -Brenda L. Wright Allen

What does the future hold for marriage equality?

There are three options available. The first is that equality will be achieved on a state-by-state basis. As previously said, this might be accomplished by state-level legislation, referendums, or judicial intervention.

The second scenario is that the right litigation reaches the Supreme Court, and the Court determines that denying an LGBT person the right to marry is unconstitutional.

The third scenario is that marriage equality will never be implemented in all 50 states. It's a fascinating concept to consider. However, given the rapidity with which states have begun to turn to the right side of history, it appears that additional states will follow suit shortly. So is it truly only a matter of time before every state grants same-sex couples rights and marriage benefits?

Because so many organizations, businesses, individuals, and many developed countries favor marriage equality, it is unlikely that states in the United States will continue to oppose this social revolution.

Change is unquestionably a persistent force that influences us as a civilization. The change raises the waves and changes the hue of the leaves; it gives life to the Earth and takes it away. For example, it emancipated our country's slaves and granted women the right to vote. And, in the not-too-distant future, all couples will enjoy marriage equality.

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