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10 Signs She Wants a Serious Relationship

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  • 2021-04-11
  • By: Jane

You enjoy spending time with her, like going out for dates for some time now. And maybe she has been giving you signs that she wants to stick with you, but you might not be recognizing them.

What if you only see what you wish to imagine?  How will you tell that she wants a relationship?

If you want to be sure if your girlfriend is ready to get into a relationship with you, this post will equip you with the tips that will help you read the signs of whether she wants a serious relationship with you so that you can respond to her appropriately. Read on, and you will find out.

Characteristics of a Serious Relationship

Besides evaluating her behaviour and the things, she tells you. It is also crucial that you know about yourself first, whether you want a serious relationship or not.

The more you show her that you want to be in a serious relationship with her, she will see your signals making her show signals from her side. The signals include:

·        The body language whereby she touches you leans towards you or smiles more when you are together.

·        Wanting to know you better, meet your friends and family.

·        Making time to be with you

·        Laughing at your jokes even when the jokes are not funny

·        Being herself near you because she wants to show you her true self

·        Being in a good mood when you are around

·        Sharing her secrets with you to show that she trusts you

When you notice these characteristics, you are in luck because she wants you to be a couple, so you need to be open about the direction you want the relationship to take.

Signs she wants a Serious Relationship with You

1. She finds time to be with you

When your girlfriend used to spend most of her time with other people or doing other things like hanging out with her friends, but now she includes you in her schedule, she is definitely in love with you. She can even decline invites from her friend so that you can hang out with you. If she has to go to other places, she can even suggest that you go together.

She can make plans about doing things together when she would usually be alone. If she is an introvert, this is a massive gesture of love.

It shows that she wants you to take a more significant part of her life. If she does not like a future with you, she will see no need to change her routines for you.

When your girlfriend does not make time to be with you when you need her, she might be having many things in her mind and you are not among her top priorities.

2. She wants to meet your friends and family.

A girl who wants to commit will want to meet people close to you, like your family and friends. She wants to meet people you love so that she can also be a part of your circle. She will also reciprocate by introducing you to her friends and inviting you to meet and share some time with her family.

3.  She asks about your plans for family and children

some people date for fun, for money, and for various other reasons that do not include commitments. However, if a lady wants the relationship to lead to marriage, she will up the subject of marriage with someone she imagines sharing a life of union with. If she dreams of having kids with you, she will ask you if you also want children.

If she is the type who does not want to have children, she will still communicate with you on kids' subject to both be on the same page.

She wants to take the relationship to another level if she asks you either of these questions.

4. She asks whether you have another girlfriend.

Some girls will be outright and ask you whether you are dating anyone else apart from her, or they will give you a lead by telling you that they are not seeing anyone else apart from you, hoping that you will also say about your side.

Whichever strategy she will use to ask about your dating status, she sees you as someone she can be in a serious relationship with, and she wants to ensure that the feeling is mutual.

If you are dating multiple girls, it shows that you are not ready to have any serious relationship. If you are only focusing on her, that will encourage her to be more into you, and you will see her showing more signals that she wants to be in a serious relationship with you.

5. She is reading about marriage and relationships.

If you find that she has bride magazines and books about marriage or dating, that’s is a sign that she is thinking about making her relationship with you to be a serious one.

A girl that is not into serious relationships will be engaged with other material relating to her priority list. Since marriage is not one of them, it will be of no concern to her.

To get to know the kind of books she likes, you can go shopping with her and see the materials she will be interested in.

6. She leaves some of her possessions at your place.

When she comes to visit, and you realize that after some time, she is leaving some of her clothes, cologne, or other possessions at your place, know that she is into you, and she might be thinking of spending most of the time with you.

When she starts living things at your place, she might be telling you that she is comfortable at your home and might consider moving in with you. If you have been thinking about moving in with you, this could be the perfect time to raise the question.

7. She invests money in the relationship.

If she is footing the bill of the things that she wants to do like buying travel tickets and buying decorations of cookware for your house, she sees you as someone worth of her money, time and effort.

A lady will not invest any of her resources in someone that she does not adore. Therefore, when she is spending her hard-earned money on things that she wants you to do together, this means that she is willing to make sacrifices and spend her time with you.

8. She goes out of her way to please your family.

When you introduce your girl to your family, it is not guaranteed that she will be welcomed warmly. However, even if she is not pleased at the first instance, she will still try out different things so that she can finally connect with your family.

For instance, she can buy things for your sibling’s birthday or help them out when they are in need. She will support you when a problem occurs in your family, like visiting a family member who has been hospitalized. She does all these to appreciate the family that raised a good man like you or simply because she loves you, and she is looking forward to being part of the family.

9. She created a photo album of the two of you.

If she has an album and your picture and the pictures of the two of you are the ones that have occupied most of the pages, then it means that you are an extraordinary person in her life, and she thinks of you more than a mere boyfriend. She wants you to be together for good if all goes well with you.

Once you notice these gesture that you might think is a small one, you should make an effort of showing commitment and showing that she also means the world to you.

10. She stays around you without makeup.

Most women get to know who their guys are by seeing their reaction when they appear without makeup. When she realizes that you are only in love with her pampered face, she will know that she can never be comfortable being her true self around you.

A girl will want to know that you still see them as beautiful even though they do not have any makeup. It does not mean that she no longer cares about her looks but that you will still be crazy about them even if she is not wearing any makeup.

Final Thoughts

Have you recognized any of these signals? If you have and are also in love with her, you better take the lead in showing her commitment. However, if you have not seen any of these signals, then you can use other means to know where your relationship stands. Surprise her, take her on a romantic date, and start the conversation to better understand her and her plans. Respect her feelings, and yours too. Be transparent about your goals in the relationship so that you can both decide on what to do next.

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