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30 Powerful Prayers for Your Marriage

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  • 2021-04-22
  • By: Jane

The ultimate secret behind every successful marriage is the item called prayer. Having a good relationship with your God brings many blessings to your lives. If you wonder how to start off kneeling before God to keep your marriage in good shape, this is the article for you.


In this guide, you will insightful information about prayers for marriage. Stick around. I promise it is worthwhile your time.


1. Prayer for growth as a couple

Heavenly Almighty, grant us wisdom and clarity when making decisions together as marriage partners. May you cement our relationship for us to become one. Keep our lives intact for us not to be swayed.


2. Prayer for marriage fulfillment

Oh God, may you mend our hearts as partners and mold us to be significant individuals. Please assist us in getting an incredible sense of fulfillment in our marriage to have light in our marital relationship. Grant us togetherness as well as strength as happy partners to live our best lives.


3. Acceptance prayer

Father, we ask for grace concerning areas where we seem different from each other. Please help us in being appreciative of our varying personalities and preferences in our marriage. May you remind us that a happy marriage is one where we accept each other as partners. Help us know that a complete person has a different ability, strength, and approach to things. Guide us to love and accept the other person as who they are.


4. Prayer to have faith in your marriage

Mighty God, I entirely depend and trust in you at all times in our marriage. For you are always with us in the past, and you will never forsake us in the future.


5. Prayer for healing

Oh Lord, I kneel before you and pray for your healing and mighty blessings over our relationship. May you get rid of any obstacles coming in between our marriage and in our relationship with you. We ask for divine strength to become better people for each other. May you also heal our hearts and bodies.


6. Prayer to remind you about your love

Dear Father, remind us of our first meeting. And the love type that came up after that. Guide me to love my spouse in practical methods, and nothing should come between us. May you pour onto us kindness and gracious thoughts. Please help us to humble ourselves and ask for forgiveness when in the wrong, and wisely forgive when asked.


7. Prayer for guidance

Heavenly God, may you lead my partner to have the proper guidance in all their endeavors. May you walk with them when making all sets of decisions, be it large or small. Also, may you remind my spouse that you are the one directing their life.


8. Pray for blessings

God, I dedicate myself to you, and I am grateful for your wonderful nature. I thank you for all the promises that you made for our marriage. Kindly manifest blessings and abundance in our lives.


9. Prayer for a good fight in your marriage

Lord, teach us how to be humble. May you guide us to see the significance of forgiveness and grace. May we acquire God's love in our relationship. We ask for courage that will help us fight for our marriage. Also, please help us be strong and be there for each other.

May you assist us to lower our feelings of pride and surround ourselves with kindness and peace. We Appreciate You for Your compassionate nature.


10. Prayer to place God at the highest pillar in your marriage

Our creator, we thank you for your significant creation and for knowing our relationship better than anyone else. May you bring us together with our husband or wife and promise us with life purpose and plans—the plans to bring us prosperity and not endanger us. Help us remember that you are the pillar of the relationship and that you control our future. May we depend on you for guidance and wisdom. Kind fill our hearts and minds with peace.


11. Prayer not to feel distant

God, help me not to feel alone in the relationship. Since you know all about our marriage, help my spouse and I meet our needs. We ask for reconciliation and closeness between us, and may you fight whatever is destabilizing our marriage. May you narrow any gaps that might arise and heal our hearts and relationship. Kindly answer our prayer in accordance to your will.


12. Prayer to protect your marriage

Father, we ask you to light our ways. In case of darkness surrounding our relationship, shine our lives with abundant praise. May you shield our marriage against evil things. Even when painful moments step in the relationship, cover us with mighty strength. We request hope and the proper guidance in our marriage. When desperate feelings approach, may you walk with us and lead us. When confusion creeps in the union, open our eyes.


13. Prayer for gratitude

Loving God, thank you for your exceptional gift of love. We are grateful for the love that exists in our marriage. May you help us establish a significant communion as partners. We promise to remain open to you. May you assist us to proceed with our love and appreciate each other with unconditional love. Grant us a giving nature and humbleness when receiving from others. God, help us share our grievances, joys, hurdles, and desires. Forgive ourselves, and unite us.


14. Prayer for eternal love

Master of endless love, we ask for your significant passion for each other that reflects the existing love in our marriage.  Make our bond come with much trust and remain trustworthy to each other. May our hope towards each other match the hope we have in you. Allow us to make it through hurdles and persevere in all sorts of situations. Thank you for giving us passion to stand firm. May you fill our marriage with love and make us have positive feelings for each other as per your will.


15. Prayer to see goodness in your partner

God, I humble myself before you and appreciate you for my partner and their superb qualities. May you assist us to see the goodness in my marriage partner and overlook the existing flaws. May you help me stay committed, and kindly safeguard us from temptations. Besides that, keep our future safe for us to remain together and continue  glorifying you. We pray for good health to have a long-term service in your Kingdom. In case of disagreements, may you assist us to handle things together in respect and humility—our communication and friendship to deepen and make our marriage even sturdier. Also, bring our love closer to you. May we highly prioritize you and nourish our marital love.


16. Pray to be better to your spouse.

Dear Father, assist me in being at my most convenient version. May you establish our love and put our marriage in a significant place. May you direct me to be helpful to my partner and face all our life events with unity.


17. Prayer for happiness

God, help us proceed with the initial love we had. As long-term relationship partners, we pray to have fun in each other's company.  May we laugh with each other and push on the life journey happily together. Father, assist us in picking joys over sorrows in life. And stick smiles on our faces as long as we are alive.


18. Prayer for open communication

Dear Lord, I know marriage is full of ups and downs. I ask you to assist us to be open to each other and overcome the poor communication with my partner. May you help me get along with my spouse through clear conversations.


19. Prayer for good finances

Heavenly Father, I appreciate you for knowing all our needs. We ask for guidance on our financial decisions. May we present our requests to you with no anxiety. May you listen to our prayers and make us wiser in our marriage. We assure you that you will take the lead in all of our decisions. Bless our finances, and we promise to be helpful to others. Also, purify our hearts.


20. Prayer for understanding with your partner

Lord of all creations, we are grateful for the love planted in our hearts. We ask to utter kind words, be considerate and have significant concern about each others' needs and desires. May you mold us into understanding marriage partners and forgive others for wrongdoings. Double up our trust and faith in you, and may your prudence lead our love life.


21. Daily marriage prayer

Dear Father, we ask for your blessings in our marriage. We promise to direct the same commitment to you as that present in our relationship. We pray for genuine love, one that matches the love type Jesus had for His church. As time passes by in our marriage, help us, Oh Lord, become a single spirit, body, and soul. Maximize our offerings and grant us good deeds in our married life.


22. Prayer for healthy bonds

Might Lord, glorify our marriage. May you form sturdy bonds with my partner, and may our relationship portray a reflection of your love every day for our entire union.


23. Prayer for couples unity

God, I ask for unity in our marriage. Shape us to tolerate and nourish our marriage love in all circumstances. We promise the union will live by your word. We appreciate all the decisions we have made. May our requests go according to your will. And that no enemy can come in between our finances, priorities, and careers. God, we rely on you for strength and keep us together in Your glory.


24. Prayer to survive arguments

Heavenly Peacemaker, I ask for patience and comfort with my spouse in our marriage. May our marriage emulate Jesus' teachings and minimize arguments or quarrels. Alongside becoming God's testimony, may it reflect Your Holy name.


25. Prayer for positive living

Father, we humble before you to make our marriage an instrument of peace. May you transform hatred into love. For any injury in our relationship, please assist us in pardoning one another.


26. Prayer to build trust in your marriage

In no matter life situation Lord, help my spouse, and I respond diligently. Break trust issues that may destroy our marriage. May you control our fears and grant us significant trust with our partner.


27. Prayer about your marriage dreams

Heavenly Father, we ask for an adventurous marriage relationship with our partners. May we enjoy the sacred union and have significant peace of mind. Help us render all our burdens into you. May you remind us all times that you are the rock of our marriage. Rescue us from the darkness. As challenges approach, keep us strong not to forsake one another. We seek wisdom and youthfulness as we push through the marriage.  


28. Prayer for good health

Lord, fill our lives with excellent health so that we may live for many years together. May you cure all the illnesses afflicting us.


29. Prayer to beat temptation

Father, keep us firm in our marriage and resist tests that come along the way. Grant us a marriage that beats temptations. May we have your spirit for protection and perseverance.


30. Prayer for good work productivity

Dear God, I address our work and career to you. Grant us unbelievable strength and optimism to triple our productivity. And that your mighty works work upon our marriage.



Marriage is a sacred covenant initiated by God. Pray to Him to fill your union with eternal love, peace, trust, and understanding. The list is endless. He is the master that knows all your needs. All you need to do is depend on Him and be open to Him through prayers to cement your marriage.


The article has an entire list of 30 prayers to guide you in your marriage. You can go through it to associate your union with God's everlasting love.


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