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7 Signs That Your Relationship is Over

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  • 2021-04-11
  • By: Jane

The year 2020 was very notorious for disrupting virtually anything. Some have suffered minor inconveniences, while others have experienced significant losses. The year disrupted many people's careers and destroyed many relationships. Too much stress can be a danger to relationships. Therefore, if you are at a crossroads about your relationship issues, it might not be the end of the road for your relationship, you can consider looking at your stress levels and your partners, and you may realize the spark is still there.

While some complex rules tell you outright that you have to walk out of the relationship, like physical and emotional harm, some issues can be minor, and they do not mean that your relationship is over. Several considerations can help you evaluate whether your relationship is beyond the point of no return or if it is still worth saving. However, none of these clues is a sigh of a death blow. In fact, most of them do not have anything to do with your relationship but could be a result of your stress.

A Good and a Bad Relationship

Though every relationship comes with its share of problems, being in love should make you feel loved, secure, and generally happy. A good relationship is a source of happiness and improved self-esteem. However, some relationships are excessively derailing, and they make you feel sad, isolated, bored most of the time. They can even be a source of physical damage and emotional abuse. If you are in such a relationship, you need to consider your sanity because such unions will only attract trouble even if you are in love with your partner. It is healthy for both of you and the ones that you love when you walk out of a bad relationship where your partner has lost complete respect for you. However, it is worth noting that not every time you cry or get upset with your partner means that you need to move on. Some issues can be solved mutually, and who knows, your current partner could be the right person for you!

Signs that your relationship is over

Some people will tell you outright that they are no longer in love with you. However, most people will leave that task to your discovery. Here are some signs that will show you that your relationship is over.

· Having constant conflict

When you have unrelenting fights to the extent that you cannot have some time of being calm, you should take it as a serious sign beckoning you to leave or consider focusing on solving any underlying issues. Constant fights could be because of a buildup of the minor problems you brushed without solving them or talking them out. While it is better to minimize having conflicts, completely avoiding them when you have any concerns will lead to more heated disputes that can be a deal-breaker for your relationship. Having fights about almost everything or not having a fair fight shows that your bathes have developed to be so severe that they need to be addressed amicably. When the conflicts do not cease even after constant and considering different approaches, consider giving yourself some peace by taking a break.

· Not bothering to fight at all

Some couples reach a point that they completely get tired of fighting, and they completely stop bothering. This behavior does not mean that everything is okay, far from it. When you are in such a relationship, you will find that you stop sharing with your partner, and you are not bothered to bring up any issue even when there is a disagreement. Avoiding conflict means that you are exhausted from having conflicts since you are aware that doing so will only make things go out of control.

·  Lack of physical intimacy

Sexual intimacy sways up and down in the course of relationships. If you are experiencing a lull and don't seem to bring your sex life back on track, it does not guarantee that the relationship is over. An expert, Degges, suggests that you can try to recover your sex life by imagining the times you were intimate with your partner and focus on how those moments make you feel. If, after getting back there, you enjoy the feeling that you get, then it is likely that you still find your partner attractive.

On the contrary, if your passion is gone and you are no longer attracted to your partner, that could be a severe issue. Lack of sexual interest always mirrors deep problems that your relationship suffers. When the thought of being close to your partner or the thought of your partner simply touching you puts you off, it is a signal that you need to save your relationship or a breakup is nearly happening.

· You don't feel the need to share the good news with your partner

Your partner doesn't need to become your only cheerleader when you are dating. There is plenty of information — some good news from work, probably you have won an important client for the company, or you have seen an amazing offer on an item you have dreamt of possessing — that you naturally share with people that you consider to be close to your heart.

However, when you do not see the need to share any good, or bad, news with your partner or you have a feeling that your partner does not know you that well enough or they don't care about whatever is cooking in your life for it to be worth sharing with them, that is a sign that all is not well between you.

·  You are attracted to someone else.

Although it is expected to have fantasies about other people while dating, it becomes harmful when these fantasies reduce the need or enjoyment of going intimate with your partner. Whether you still have feelings for your ex or you have a crush on someone in the office, you need to reconsider your feelings.

When your fantasies have gone to the extent of taking too much of your time and effort to direct towards your relationship, you are probably crossing a boundary. Sexual fantasies are okay if they don't affect your relationship and add value to your love life. However, if they make you feel that your partner is not enough for you, you should reconsider talking.

· You don't spend time together.

One of the essential things that define a good relationship is being able to spend time together. When you are too busy for each other will find it difficult to share light moments where they can have deep communications, share light moments, get to know each other better, and create memories. Spending time together with your partner also allows you to connect and get to know each other well.

If you notice that you are spending less time together and the trend keeps getting worse as time goes by, or you can't plan activities together, this can pose a huge problem that will lead your relationship to doom if you will not address the issue.

If you are fond of making plans with your friends, colleagues, family, and anyone else apart from your partner, then this could mean that you do not fancy their company anymore, and it could be time to move on.

· Too much jealousy

Infidelity is the primary cause of breakups. However, this does not entitle to cheat to deal with jealousy.

Jealousy can start from one side of the relationship, but it ends up affecting both parties. You worry when your partner talks to a lady or mentions someone else of the opposite gender. With this negative energy, the relationship can be exhausting, and it hinders your freedom.

Jealousy is mainly caused by having insecurities. Therefore, to address it, you need to manage your insecurities and get more comfortable with who you are. Otherwise, you will always project your insecurities to your partner. If the jealousy partner cannot cease being too jealous in the relationship, there will always be constant fights, a lot of snooping of the phone, and limited freedom that can be draining to your partner.

It is worth noting that all relationships are different. While some issues can be a deal-breaker for one couple, the same problems could be things that another couple can solve and grow together through them.

Many issues can be solved with time, mutual effort from both partners, and through professional help. However, when there is physical and emotional abuse, it is better that you consider a breakup since such issues can be damaging to your wellbeing or lead to ultimate death.

If you have tried hard and don't see any improvement or your partner doesn't show the willingness to change or seek help or feel that you are not happy in your relationship, you should put yourself first and choose to move on.




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