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8 Signs He or She Is Marriage Material

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  • 2021-06-04
  • By: Jane

In most cases, relationships come with uncertainties, and that is okay. You may like the person very much, but you may wonder if that is the right person for you in the long term. Most of us have the happily ever after fantasy regarding marriage, and that is why you feel you must make the best choice in choosing who to marry.

Sadly, marriage is not a topic covered in school, and some of us do not have models we can reference. Finding your soulmate, therefore, seems like you are searching blindly in the dating world. Lucky for you, this guide is here to your rescue. It will point you in the right direction, and you will know what to look out for in your partner.

Here are the signs that he or she is marriage material.

Your partner is emotionally available.

Although this seems obvious, most people overlook it. What does emotional availability mean? It refers to the ability to maintain emotional connections in a relationship. An emotional bond is relevant for any healthy relationship, regardless of whether it is romantic or not.

Unavailability comes from not being able to deal with psychological or emotional trauma. That kind of person builds walls that stop them from getting intimate with other people. They may do so subconsciously or consciously. That is why most of them prefer casual relationships with fewer attachments.

Below are some of the attributes of an emotionally available partner:

The person enjoys setting up plans with you:

Such a person is good at making commitments. The plan does not necessarily have to be overboard, but it is something they anticipate. Regular dates show that your companion wants both of you to know each other better and bond.

Your companion wants to do things together, like picking a movie. That means that they want and value your input.

He/she is vulnerable:

A vulnerable person can speak openly about his/her life. It means that you can share your feelings and thoughts with another soul. Vulnerability is a prerequisite for intimacy. The high chances are that person will go out of their way to impress you and create a conducive environment for you also to be vulnerable.

That does not mean that you will have to carry a box of tissues whenever you go out for dinner. Being vulnerable does not only mean sharing the nasty stuff. It also includes talking about your hopes, dreams and desires.


That refers to the capability to be in tune with your feelings and thoughts. You are also able to understand how they affect your behaviour. Your partner is, therefore, able to make rational decisions despite their emotional turmoil. Self-awareness helps you realize that you are in control of your happiness, and you do not need to rely on your companion for that.

Your partner knows what they want in the relationship. If he/she wants something official, they will let you know. Inviting you to meet their friends or family may be a good sign.

Your partner can reasonably handle any conflict

It is a fact that no two people can agree all the time. That means that conflict is inevitable in marriage or any relationship. They fester when left unresolved. The problem does not have to be between the two of you necessarily: it could be between your companion and a co-worker. That is an excellent opportunity to see how your companion reacts. Does or he/she flee? Is that the beginning of blame games?

Some of the healthy responses to look for in your partner in regards to conflict resolution include:

  • The person desires to figure out the root of the problem as opposed to avoiding it.
  • He/she listens to the other person’s point of view and comes up with a  compromise.
  • Deciding to forgive the other person and without holding a grudge.
  • The person can stay calm and respectful even though they are angry or hurt.

Your companion desires what is best for you

The person, therefore, challenges you to thrive in all areas of your life. A potential marriage partner should not be intimidated when you are ambitious. The person should give you the necessary criticism so that you can push yourself.

If you see the positive change since you met the person, then he/she is right for you. It could be physical, spiritual, mental or financial. The point is that you can see the progress that you attribute to your spouse.

How does he/she treat other people?

That goes beyond family, friends and colleagues. How does your partner behave toward a waiter when you are having dinner in a restaurant? He/she does not have to be a social butterfly because different people have varying personalities. Being kind and polite is what you want to check. Kind people are usually compassionate, which is a good trait in a marriage partner.

You are sexually compatible

Sex is an essential factor in marriage, yet it is one of the things people overlook. Is your partner physically attracted to you? Do you arouse their desire for physical touch? You can ask the person what his/her fetishes are, their preferred frequency of intercourse and what turns them on or off. Communication, respect and compromise are vital.

Your partner seeks help from you

That quality makes it easier to weather storms once you take your vows. It is vital to seek each other’s comfort in a crisis. Develop that habit while you are still dating.

He/she has a sense of humour

Does your partner make you laugh or put a smile on your face? That does not mean that your companion should be a comedian. Humour can reduce stress and bring you closer.

What does it mean to be marriage material?

That indicates a person who is willing to put in the work when it comes to your relationship. It only applies to a long-term one. At the beginning of most relationships, partners only see rainbows. There is a lot of romance going around.

However, that changes when you get into a marriage. It does not mean that you will have a sad and boring union. It means that there will be both rainbows and storms. There are times your partner will disappoint or hurt you unintentionally. Therefore, marriage material shows that this is a person you are willing to walk with through the good and bad times.

What makes a girl/woman wife material?

Chances are you are wondering if your wife can make a good wife in the future. Keep reading to find out.

She believes in you:

You want your wife to be someone who can support you through thick and thin. Whenever you are feeling down, she can cheer you up and motivate you to keep moving. Your partner has faith that you can achieve your goals through hard work and persistence.

She shares your desire to be a family:

Some people do not desire to make such a life-long commitment. That is why communication is essential when you are dating. Avoid rushing when it comes to marriage decisions. You can ask her how she feels about marriage and her expectations to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on your relationship.

She is selfless:

When two people come together in marriage, they have different expectations and reasoning. That means that they both have to compromise on various things. They must look at what is best for their partners and their relationship. Some decisions will require her to put you first.

She is goal-oriented:

You want to marry a person who has goals and goes after them. She needs to have something that pushes her beside your union. If your girlfriend can figure out what she wants and make decisions independently without your assistance, you probably need to start thinking of how to propose. 

What makes a man husband material?

He values your input:

That means that when making decisions that affect both of you, he asks for your opinion. It shows that he respects you. It could be a question as simple as what you want to eat as you watch a movie.

He strives for growth:

Such a man wants to grow and build himself and not necessarily for you. That means that he can identify his errors and correct them to the best of his ability. 

He puts effort into the relationship:

He invests as much as you do in the association. Does he take a minute off his busy schedule to call you? Does he take you out on dates? It would help if you communicated because you may have differing opinions concerning the same. 

He is trustworthy:

That means that you feel safe, and you can therefore be vulnerable in his presence. You need a man you can talk to about your insecurities and dreams.

He intends to marry you at one point:

If the relationship means so much to you than it does to him, you are in trouble. It could be that he likes you, but he does not want a long-term commitment. It could also be he is just sowing his wild oats. Communicate what you want in the beginning to avoid heartache.  

Final thoughts

Do not be too hard on yourself if your partner does not tick all the boxes. However, be careful of the red flags along the way. Some things like trust may take some time to develop. What is vital is that you keep communicating and be honest with each other.

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