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Dating Tips for Women

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

If you have no idea of how to date with man, then the dating tips for women given as below are of great use:

1. Always look very beautiful. Try using lipstick, getting a new hairstyle and wearing something fashionable. Looking good has no harm for yourself.

2. Don’t reveal too much personal information and maintain an aura of mystique. Most men favor those mysterious women. Keep in mind that the less information you tell the men, the better. Don’t spend too much time on dating. The simple encounter could make the men looking forward to the next date.

3. Keep a good figure is the third rule. The body-building exercises can help you keep a healthy body and mind.

4. Regard the men as your boss. Let the men pay the bill during the date. That’s what they would love to do. So, let them do it. Be willing to accept the gifts they send, especially flowers.

5. Don’t try having sex with man unless he is crazy about you. Otherwise, you would only mess up in the early stage of dating.

6. If you are really fat, then don’t explain to the men using excuses. For example, “My foot was hurt last winter. I couldn’t walk, so I get fat”. Those women with charming individuality refuse to make a big fuss about figure are irresistible for men. 

7. When you have no interest in what men propose, please never say: “I don’t watch TV and I have never watched that program”. On the contrary, you may try saying:  "I have heard of that program. But I have never watched. I am wondering why it is so interesting".

8. If the man constantly talks about himself, don’t suppose immediately him self-centered. Perhaps, it is because your answer to his question is too short and simple. Then, the silence between you could make the other side feel uneasy. You can talk about something interesting to resolve this kind of embarrassment.

9. If you are impressed with some man, then you can ask him about himself or everything related to his life. Ask one question means you indicate the interest in his life. Afterwards, you should listen to his answer patiently.

10. Make sure that you have perfect kissing technique. You had better develop this skill. If you don’t hope your man go away, then start practicing kissing and become a good kisser.

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