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How to Attract Men

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Tenderness

A tender and sensual lady is more delicate and appealing in her thoughts, tones, and behaviors. You will win a guy’s heart if you can maintain a smooth and assertive communication style. 

2. Contemplation

Though lots of women are unattractive in their appearance, they look charming in deep contemplation. They will become even more appealing when looking into the distance, sticking out their lips, cocking their heads, or cupping their chins.

3. Candor

This tip is not applicable if you are cold and high-hearted in nature. Otherwise, women who dare to love, hate, cry, or laugh and those who have passion and keen sight for life are just like eye-catching flames.

4. Self-control

Tolerant women who are not particular about trifles are impressive. By forgiving people who hurt you, you will exhibit great self-control. Men will be especially fond of you if you can bear with your husbands over minor wrongdoings.

5. Unpredictability

According to psychology researches, men fall in love with women not only for their self-confidence, humor, romance or adventurous spirit, but also for something abstract and mysterious in them. Among these sexy elements is unpredictability. Keep it on your mind that remain a little mysterious to men and do not easily gratify their curiosity.

6. Unremarkable Actions

Among various body languages, touching oneself unconsciously is the most enthralling action. How to attract men by some unremarkable but fascinating actions? Well, such actions include carelessly biting nails, resting chins in hands, putting up hair, cupping face, shrugging shoulders, folding arms to touch shoulders or scruff, and reaching hand inside the sweater.

7. Art Appreciation

Women who understand art, sing well, or play musical instruments appear to be more sensual and tender besides being sexy. In fact, such a temperament is more tempting than sex appeal alone.

8. Sun-tanned Skin.

While milk-white skin is as appealing and attractive as fresh peaches, sun-tanned skin, together with a fine figure, is definitely no less alluring.

9. Sexy Clothing

Sexy clothing can highlight the feminine beauty in women and inspire visual stimulation for men. On one hand, wearing jeans can add to your air of freedom and independence; on the other hand, wearing sandals or high heels can increase your sex appeal in your legs.

10. Fragrance

In addition to what has been mentioned above, great body fragrance is also part of sex appeal. In fact, men have a sensitive sense of smell; by keeping fragrant and fresh, you will certainly be alluring and temping.

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