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How to Get Your ex Back?

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

How to get your ex back? Many person suffering from break-up would be at a loss. Losing love means losing the joy of living. Since then, the life is in dim and dreary colors. Every minute and every second is so torturing. In fact, rescuing love seems hard, But it can be easy if you try your best to persist. Most importantly, you have to get rid of past wrongs then you can regain the heart of your love.

Four Mistakes of Recuing Love

1. Give him or her too much promise. For example, "Don't leave me. I promise that I will change and I will never quarrel with you. I am not telling lies." This kind of empty promise can be made by anyone who wants. The promise which cannot be fulfilled means nothing.

2. Love is just about saying sweet words. For instance, "I will love you forever, please give me another chance." Love is not just saying sweet words. Only with action can you prove your deep love.

3. Explain and argue continuously. This behavior could make the other dislike you. If you are wrong, then admit the mistakes. Anyone who dares not to face mistakes cannot deserve others' trust. 

4.  Give up initiatively. If you give up first, then you will have no hope. For example, "I give up totally. He or she is so stubborn and unyielding,  will never change what he or she have determined. " If you don't give up, you always have opportunities.

If the other proposes break-up, he or she maybe produces resistance to you. Then, you should eliminate this kind of resistance. Only in this way can you get your ex back.

Three ways to reduce resistance between lovers:

1. Stop complaining and begging. Complaining and begging will make the other look down on you. So stop these kinds of stupid behaviors.

2. Approve unconditionally no matter what the other says. If the other plans to break up with you, then he or she would deny all the things about you. At this time, it is certainly an unwise choice if you choose to argue with the other. That's because he or she will deny any excuse you made. 

3. Keep a happy mood. If you cannot let it go, then you attach too much importance to break-up. Why not agree with the other and do something happily in accordance with the other's opinion.

You have to do it constantly and consistently. Don't put too much pressure on your ex. Of course, it doesn't mean that you need to cut off contact with your ex. After break-up, you can send your greetings in a relaxed mood and make a simple chat. Just like restarting this relationship, you can regain the heart of your ex. However, it is very necessary for you to change your mistakes and get rid of everything that he or she couldn't accept.

Some love can be recovered, while some cannot. Love is like leaf. It is flying and dropping simultaneously. Can the fallen leaf fly? Yes, if there is wind, then the leaf will be flying. If your leaf is buried into the soil, then you should let it go. That's because it will never fly away. 

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