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Pros and Cons of Modern Marriages

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  • 2021-04-27
  • By: Jane

Traditionally, marriage was seen as a natural stage of life where people shared love with their loved ones and raise a family.


Today, marriages are taking different forms, and many people do not see the need to go on with the ceremony at all. People no longer deem it essential to be married to someone by a certificate, and staying together without getting married is no longer seen as a taboo.

What are some of the pros and cons of modern marriage? Read on to learn more.


Pro: Marriage provides you security


Possessing a legal paper binding you to your partner is very comforting. Being someone's legal wife or husband, you develop a sense of commitment that unmarried duos lack, especially if you plan to have children.  


Being in a marriage offers more financial and emotional security than being in a relationship where a girlfriend and boyfriend live together.


Con: Many married couples end up divorcing


50% of all married couples in the US end up in divorce? However, according to current research, the rates are dropping thanks to millennials who are devoted to seeing their marriages succeed.


But you might keep wondering, "What is the main point of entering in an institution that many of them fail?" "Why spend so much money in a ceremony that does not have any chance of working out?"


Pro: Marriage comes with financial benefits


Married couples are entitled to some tax reductions that unmarried people cannot access. Many folks get into marriage for reasons of being able to cut down tax bills. Legally married couples are also entitled to use the same insurance benefits. However, if you live together without getting married, you are no entitled to these insurance benefits.


When your spouse passes on, and you were legally married, you will not have to pay inheritance tax. If you get mentioned in your partner's will, but you were not legally married, you will have to pay to enable the transfer of inheritance.


Con: It is more expensive to get married


Although marriage comes with financial benefits, it also comes with financial constraints. It is correct that you will evade some tax breaks in marriage, but you should note that married couples can also face tax penalties.


The tax breaks depend on the amount each spouse earns. You will notice that you could attract a penalty if you and your spouse earn the same amounts. Married couples will only get tax breaks when one spouse gets less money than the other. 


Pro: Marriage provides companionship


Humans need to socialize with people because of their social nature. We do not like being on our own for long. Marriage sees that you always have someone by your side at all times. Besides, knowing that someone is there because you are a married couple offers extra comfort. Marriage is more beneficial for people who do not like being by themselves.


Con: you get stuck to one person for good


According to some people, humans are not naturally monogamous, especially when we are younger. Some people claim that it is normal for them to spread their seeds when they are still young, so marrying when young is not ideal.


But what if when one gets older? Some people feel that when they get older, their lives are passing away, and they feel the need to explore new experiences. Some people might be tempted and enter into an affair and cheat on their spouses.


Pro: Marriage comes with automatic rights


In marriage, the spouses get automatic rights. For example, you will be entitled to Social Security benefits as the surviving spouse. Even when you divorce, you will get more legal support and protection if you were married before than in the case when you were only cohabiting.


Marriage also provides you with spontaneous medical bill rights.


Con: You lose your independence in marriage 


Those who get married at an older age may already have children with their previous partners. It is likely that you also have children of your own to care for. You also have uncles, in-laws, aunts, and grandparents to deal with.


The chances are that your partner will be having financial commitments from their past union. You may also lack some rights when you are committed to such partners of this kind. It can also be complicated to get along with everyone, especially if your children dislike your current spouse.


Pro: Marriage reduces emotional problems


When you are married, you are sure that you have entered an institution for an extended period. You will therefore have the comfort that you have a lifetime partner to share your experiences. You are comfortable that your partner will not walk out on you when you have extreme difficulties.


In marriage, you have binding vows to one another, and you vow to stick together in all situations. Married couples operate as a team dedicated to each other. In marriage, it is you against the world.


Pro: Marriage is suitable for children


In marriage, you afford your children a reliable foundation where they can grow and learn. Marriage guarantees that children will receive love from two parents who love them and invest in their well-being. Children need two role models to nature their morals, and they find that in married couples.


A Study proposes that kids raised in families of married parents who stay together are happier and respectful. Children who see their parents separate get emotionally disturbed, and they may end up developing morally wrong characters like being bullies and arrogant. Children raised by single parents will also have worse financial conditions since they depend only on one parent for economic and livelihood support.  


Con: Marriage is old fashioned


Although many people are getting into relationships, they may see marriage to be old-fashioned. Some judge marriage as a way of following social customs. On the other hand, others believe that marriage should be open even for same-sex couples. 


People relate in many ways nowadays, and some do not see the need for a certificate to demonstrate their love for each other. People no longer see marriage as the only option. 


Pro: Married people are healthier


Just like children raised by married couples are healthier, so are the individuals who are married to each other. Married couples have fewer depression triggers than their single or divorced counterparts. Married people experience less mental and physical stress.


With less stress, you are at a lower risk of developing diseases like high blood pressure and strokes. Married couples also have reduced chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections.


Pro: Marriage is beneficial for men


Statistics prove that married men lead a healthier life compared to unmarried men. Married men live for longer years compared to men who are single or divorced.


Several ways indicate the benefits that marriage has to men. Many men suffer a lot after their spouses have passed on. When their spouses fall sick, men tend to be careless with their health and their nutrition.


Con: Marriage is unhealthy for women


On average, marriage has health benefits; however, this is not the case with many women. 55% of married women wish to walk out of their marriage, while only 29% of men wish to do the same. Why is this case?


Men are still more financially stable than women. Therefore, they are likely to have more power in the relationship. Also, women play a huge role in caring for the child. Some women end up surrendering their careers to focus on their family, making them dependent on their husbands for money. These situations make most women vulnerable.


Women without children still deal with house chores while men can find leisure activities like having a good time with their buddies. 


Pro: Marriage is a source of joy


Apart from being happier, marriage also seems to be a booster for happiness. An average of 40% of married people reports that they feel comfortable than 22% of the unmarried.


Researchers analyzed the levels of happiness of people in their mid-ages. Studies show that people are happiest in their youth. The levels drop in middle age then rises again in old age.

However, in the case of a married couple, they show higher happiness levels in their middle ages.


Con: Marriage is a form of a trap

Marriage is enjoyable if you have a great relationship with your partner, but what if the partner is abusive?


Domestic violence is common in relationships, even between unmarried couples. However, when you experience domestic violence in marriage, it is more challenging to get yourself out of the situation.


Couples argue over lots of things like property and children's custody. Your spouse can deny the divorce forcing the money to go through courts and solicitors. When it comes to the affair of the children, you might choose to stay for the sake of your children.


Marriage may not be a must in the modern world. However, many people prefer to hold on to the traditions' beliefs, and there are many benefits of entering into matrimony. However, as the social norms keep progressing, perhaps, the benefits enjoyed in marriage can apply to unmarried couples as well.  

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