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Seven Criterium for A Standard Goddess in the Eyes of Men

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Imagine yourself as a lover of your husband

It doesn't entail much difficulty to be a good wife or a caring lover, howerver, extra efforts must be spared if a wife wants to enthral her husband. 

2. Always be a fair lady and maitain gentleness

There's no man in the world who would not be attracted by a fair lady with feminine gentleness. When your husband is meek, it's a great chance for you to share your recent thoughts with him and present to him your requirements as he will never refuse any requests from you. But you should also remember that compared with affluent housework,  a cup of hot tea, a bowl of boiled noodles and a fried egg that you lay on the desk in his study when he works overtime will touch your husband to a greater extent. 


3. Excel in preparing delectable dishes that he loves the most

We are not reffering to the general gourmet and you don't need to be good at making delicacies from land and sea but you ought to be capable of doing the dishes that interest your husband. 


4. Be in the eternal pursuit of beauty

What matters most is not a glamorous appearance, but an elegant posture oozing feminine charm that you present when you stay by the side of your husband.  Remember that in every stage of your age, it's advisable for you to constantly look into the mirror,  dress well,  grasp the code of clothes and his dressing style. Distinguished from outer clothes, your pajama and underwear are to be especially appreciated by your soulmate and therefore they worth your particular attention and care. 


5. Be the irreplacea ble assistant of your sweetheart

This does not mean that you should do all the laundry. Neverthless, you need to make sure that he wear clean and quality socks on a daily basis and polish his ervery piece of shoes. You also need to make sure that his underwear give out a pleasnt odour. 


6. Satisfy his conquerormentality

There is a myriad of things worth mulling over when two people expect to get along with each other. A man expects his wife to be fair and gentle out of home and horny and skillful at bed. You have to understand that pursuing novel things is his instinct and consistently meet his conquering needs so that he will feel that you are a glamorous woman and he's a real man.  

7. Give him a reason to love you

There's no woman in the world who doesn't desire everlasting love from her spouse or a harmonious and happy family. But as time goes by,  some women younger than you will get around. Especially if your husband is mature, civilized, rich and gentlemenlike, then lots of women will swarm to him like a group of butterflies. To acquire the lifelong love from a man, you need to show him your strenghts. If you aren't physically attractive, then you need to possess unique temparament. If you have no good temparament, then you must have certain talents. If talent eludes you, you can develop a fine character. At least, you can touch your man with a beautiful mind. In a nutshell, you're gonna get your husband obssessed with you for one shining spot on you. 

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