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Spiritual Marriage: What You Need to Know

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  • 2021-05-12
  • By: Jane

Marriage is a covenant initiated by God. Marriages vary for different individuals. Others might decide to make it a modern one, a simple casual marriage. In contrast, others might choose to connect spiritually. And the latter option is the wisest thing to have with your marriage partner. Here is an article about a sacred, matrimonial relationship called a spiritual marriage.


What is spiritual marriage?

Spiritual marriage is a union with God, Soul, and Spirit. Marriage is a God-made product. It simply features togetherness emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Individuals who request for a marriage partner spiritually end up with their soul companions. Half souls build up a marriage. Unless you take your union to spiritual levels, your marriage might cause sores in your souls. A spiritual marriage comes with a bundle of happiness for your marital relationship—one accompanied by the eternal love of God.


Every successful marriage acknowledges God. Stay away from relationships that do not involve God and spiritual techniques. You cannot get your spiritual partner through physical methods. A relationship based on sex alone might affect your happiness and health. In a spiritual marriage, you have a friendship that grows constantly and is so firm that nothing can demolish the union. In such a situation, you have a genuine mate.


Characteristics of spiritual marriage

What are some features of a spiritual marriage? You might perhaps begin by asking yourself if you are a spiritual spouse. If you are not in the A+ game and desire to have a spiritual marriage, God might change your heart and mold your marriage. Here is a list of characteristics of a spiritual union for either a husband or wife.


1. Salvation

Are you a saved partner? I bet sometimes you have felt being much far from God. Salvation tops our list because, without God, it is impossible to have a spiritual marriage. You and your partner need to get saved and have your union under God's foundation. You will have a spiritual marriage when you remain faithful to God.


Remember, all marriages have their flaws. You might find a union with one of the partners facing hurdles to lean on God. In comparison, stick tightly as glue to God's teachings and Word. It is undoubtedly okay. Even in the scriptures, God showcases spiritual marriages with a set of flaws. There is still hope for a marriage union with only a single partner following on God.


2. Bible study

Being saved alone is not enough for a spiritual marriage, even though it is a primary characteristic. You need to dedicate reasonable and high time to God. It is crucial to know God. Through studying your bible, you might know His Voice and teachings.

God has plans for all of us as well as those of your marriage. You cannot know the plans God has for you unless you get closer and keenly into His Word. Those with no attachment to bible study allow Satan to distract them from God.

God always wants us to have a spiritual marriage. That is why most scriptures in His Book have marriage scriptures. He discourages divorces, depression, and relationships that do not acknowledge Him.

You get to know God's voice when you read your bible. When you critically know your bible, you might stand apart from different voices that come along the way.

You can organize yourself on how to go through the bible. You might opt for bible verse printable cards to help you become consistent. You can print and stick them on your bathroom mirror. When getting ready for your day, you might read the verse, interpret it and pray to God to practice the teaching in your life. It is that simple. You do not have to make it complicated.

If you have much time, around 30 to 45 minutes, you might consider engaging with other individuals in a group and get exposed to different scripture teachings. God does not have a standard bible study routine. Whichever time you spend with God, it will sprout out your faith and contribute to a spiritual marriage.


3. Prayer

Getting salvation alongside often bible study are not sustainable ingredients for a spiritual marriage. Prayers are another go-to logical technique. We communicate to God through prayers. God acknowledges a marriage that has an intimate relationship with Him. When ensuring you and your partner have open communication, you also need to work on your relationship with God to have a spiritual marriage.


Allocate some time daily for your prayers. You might include it in your schedule. If you use online tools for schedule management, you might set a reminder for your prayers. Consistent prayers will cement your marriage and make it more spiritual.


4. Fasting

There is no perfect marriage. A union of imperfect beings certainly has its flaws. Things might toughen and cause issues between marriage partners. It is common to step away from marriage when matters become complicated.


However, it is crucial to passing through the complex parts of life. God primarily utilizes the problematic aspects of our lives to strengthen us. And when things get more challenging, you might lean on Him for guidance and assistance. Most of the bible scriptures reflect on fasting and prayers during difficult lifetimes.


You do not need a complex fasting procedure. You might decide to sacrifice an activity and utilize the time instead to seek God. Fasting is one of the not well-known techniques to portray dependence on God in your marriage.


5. Community

It is pretty impossible to have a spiritual marriage alone. You deserve an environment filled with significant minds practicing their marriage in God’s way. Stay away from advertisements made of lust and regretful information. It is great to attend church services. You can join solid marriage groups that nurture the characteristics of a spiritual marriage. You might learn a set of teachings from other individuals.


You can share your marriage experiences in a safe circle and get help from others through bible scriptures.


6. Submitting to God

Most of you confuse submitting to God and salvation. When getting saved, you dedicate yourself to God as the pillar of your life. That is a significant experience because you deepen your desire for bible study, prayers, fasting, service attendance, and even God's testimonies.


But when that lifestyle backslides, you might helplessly need submission to God. It is a regular choice that we make for our lives. By submitting to God, you might pick love over a set of sins in your marriage and can even resist temptations.


7. God's involvement mentally.

It is a norm to experience difficult phases in your marriage. Temptations about your partner's flaws might come by, including negative and final thoughts. To speak powerful words of life, you might need to have ideas full of life. Godly thinking will help you have a spiritual marriage.


8. Good Listening

The current generation tends to be critically obsessed with social media. It might not be easy to have face-to-face conversations without our digital devices. Prioritize your partner highly and be an active listener. Polish your listening skills by putting away your phone or shutting down the television to avoid distractions.


Tips for a successful spiritual marriage

It might feel nice to have a great family car or a solid retirement plan. But a successful marriage is not based on them. Some of the critical factors to consider having a successful spiritual marriage might include:


1. Love and commitment

Love is a significant decision to make when committing to your marriage partner. Do not compare the feeling with what you see in telenovela movies or romantic novels. Feelings do fade away. With commitment, your marriage love remains eternal, and that is what labels a successful spiritual relationship. Even during difficult life phases, commitment keeps you together with your marriage partner.


2. Humility

A critical building element of a thriving spiritual marriage is accepting you are imperfect and capable of making mistakes. Marriage partners with a superiority complex contribute to resentment and hold back their unions from growth. You might proceed with being humble by accounting for several things that your partner outsmarts you.


3. Faithfulness

Faithfulness in marriage affects your heart, mind, and soul other than your physical body. Having sexual fantasies with other people aside from your spouse makes you unfaithful to your partner. Devoting yourself to your marriage partner needs self-discipline and awareness of the consequences. Do not complicate your union with anything that you come across.


4. Patience

Partners in a successful spiritual marriage consistently practice forgiveness and patience. Most of them try to accept their wrongs. They do not drag along past mistakes.


5. Honest

Honesty, besides trust, is a vital element for every successful spiritual marriage. You do not build marriage trust in a day. It takes time. You might need to put more effort into nurturing significant trust for your relationship.


6. Communication

Successful spiritual marriage involves pretty much communication. It entails conversations about shopping lists besides bills. Also, it gathers topics on hopes and the future of the union.


7. Time

All successful spiritual marriages call for significant time investment. It is crucial to spend a significant ideal time with your partner. Perhaps you might allocate sustainable time daily with your spouse or seldom have date nights.


Top 5 ways to prepare for your marriage spiritually

The section will share tips with you on how to prepare your marriage spiritually.

1. Marriage is not a personal thing.

A thriving spiritual marriage is not all about meeting your needs but loving your spouse to fulfill God's purpose. Be frank with each other and rely on God. It will deepen your relationship more with your spouse.


2. Do not be self-absorbed.

When in a marriage, avoid thinking much about yourself. You might fail to acknowledge God when surrounded only with personal thoughts. Be selfless, and God will guide you to being the significant spouse for your union.


3. Get influenced

A thriving spiritual marriage needs influence from friends and God to sustain the union for a longer time.


4. Grab opportunities

A significant way to prepare for a successful spiritual marriage is absorbing a marriage purpose effectively. God encourages us to cherish every opportunity that comes in the union and care for others.


5. Do not isolate

With marriage imperfections, you might need help from other spiritual friends. God's scriptures want us to be friendly and shun isolation for us to cement our union.


Final Thoughts

Every spiritual marriage works out successfully. When you go to the extent of connecting physically and spiritually with your partner, you set your elegant marriage union on the proper foundation. But please remember not to confuse a spiritual marriage with a perfect partnership. All relationships have their hurdles.

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