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What are the Manifestations at the Early Stage of Pregnancy

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Most of the women who have childbirth experiences can tell whether they are pregnant at the early stage of pregnancy, but the women of first marriage or those who have never given birth to a child generally lack the experience in this respect. Then, what are the manifestations at the early stage of pregnancy? 

According to the expert, some women get pregnant by accident and completely ignorant of it, and some pregnant women do not even know it after two months of pregnancy. It is very unfavorable for the growth of fetus, so it is essential to understand the manifestations in the first weeks of pregnancy for the health of the baby. Then what are the manifestations in early pregnancy? According to the expert, the manifestations at the early stage of pregnancy are mainly as follows: 


Distending pain at the breast: some women will have symptoms such as enlarged and aching breast, and areola with small protruding tubercles at the early stage of pregnancy, but these symptoms are not obvious, and women should pay close attention in order to find them. 

Menopause: it is the most obvious manifestation for a woman at the early stage of pregnancy, especially for those women usually with regular menstrual cycle. Once a female has the symptom of menopause, or the menstruation does not happen for more than 10 days after it is due, it indicates she is probably pregnant.  


Morning sickness: the women will have the symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, lethargy, poor appetite or preference for some kind of food after they are pregnant for one month. But the situation varies with each individual, e.g. some females like eating sour food and detesting oily food, suffering from nausea and vomiting in various degrees.

Changes of the breast: at the initial stage of pregnancy, the breast will become larger, heavier and more solid with a kind of swelling feel and stabbing pain. The tiny tubercles on the deep yellow areola around the nipple seem particularly striking. 

Frequent urination: during the third month of pregnancy, frequent urination often happens because the bladder capacity is diminished due to the oppression from a daily enlarging uterus.

Fatigue: the women are apt to be tired in the early days of pregnancy and they often want to take a nap. 


Change of the basic body temperature: women who measure the basic body temperature can know their early pregnancy from it. The normal basic body temperature of women is a two-way curve, namely it is relatively low before ovulation and rises after ovulation. If the menstruation of a female does not happen when it is due, the body temperature does not drop again after being raised, and this situation is kept for more than 18 days, it indicates she is already pregnant.

Tips: the above-mentioned changes with a female only indicate there is possibility of early pregnancy, but not for sure. She needs to be further checked in the hospital. 

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