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What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

What is the Difference Between Management and Leadership

Many people seem to interchange the titles leadership and management, however, it reality they are two very different types of people. The confusion may lie in the fact that leaders often are in manager positions but that certainly does not mean that any manager is a leader. The two are distinct and are not synonyms for each other.

Management Traits 

Managers are a dime a dozen and are there to ensure that everyone sticks to the path that has been outlined. They are administrators who emulate what they perceive is expected of them and offer no new insight of their own. They are there to make sure their subordinates do their jobs and deal with issues as they arise. Although those under them may follow their direction, it is only due to their title not their ability to lead. Their abilities lie only in sticking to the structure that is in place and they do not challenge the system, just keep ensure that it is not threatened or thwarted. 

Leadership Traits

Leaders inspire and draw followers. A leader has vision and innovation to see beyond the status quo. A leader takes charge and people listen. People listen not because the leader’s title dictates they must, but because the leader is connecting with them and is also listening to what they have to say. They see what can be and look for new ways to achieve bigger and better results. People are devoted to them and believe that they can make a difference. A leader looks for ways to improve and strengthen using all available resources. 

The basic difference is that managers are created; almost anyone can learn to manage. However, leaders have a distinct quality that allows them to see what could be and communicate that vision to others by gaining their respect and trust. The best combination is having a manager that is also a leader that can challenge old ideas and find solutions that are new and innovative. 

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