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Causes of Broken Marriages

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  • 2021-05-20
  • By: Jane

You have a feeling in your gut that things are not okay between you and your spouse. Or maybe you can see the signs. Your partner rarely comes home, and the last time you tried to start a conversation, your partner became so defensive, aloof, and resentful.
You may brush it off and expect that things will be back to normal once they let off steam with time. However, one day you walk in the door and find out that they have cleared all their clothes from the wardrobes and left a note on the table- a notice of divorce.

Why do couples divorce?

Divorce is caused by issues couples experience in the marriage or some traits that one partner shows the other. You can divorce when you feel that you can no longer deal with your partner, and divorce is the only remaining solution.
When couples feel like they have given their all and nothing seems to be igniting the love, mutual respect, joy, and happiness that existed before, they decide that they have to end their marriage.
Do you think that such a scenario could happen in your marriage?
It is uncommon for couples to start fighting and never solve their differences until divorce for good. To avoid such, never neglect any relationship issues. You may think all is well when your marriage is heading for the rocky road!

What causes broken marriage?

Lack of communication, infidelity, financial issues, and lack of sex and sexual intimacy are among the leading causes of broken marriages.
However, many other reasons that can make married partners choose to call it quits on each other. Some causes are more prevalent than others.
Here are the top reasons that lead to broken marriages.

Extramarital affair

When one spouse gets into another relationship outside the marriage to meet their needs, whether sexually or physically, this can cause doom in the relationship. It is hard for a partner to regain the trust they have for you once they feel betrayed.
Extramarital affairs account for 20-40% of broken marriages that lead to a divorce. The reasons that make people cheat are not cut and dry, as the pain makes us believe.
Anger, resentment, the difference in sexual needs, and a lack of emotional intimacy are some of the reasons that lead to cheating in marriage.
Infidelity can start as an innocent friendship that later becomes a physical affair.

Physical and emotional abuse

Some couples live with a sad reality of physical and emotional abuse. The abuse does not come about because the partner is terrible. It may be due to severe emotional issues. Whatever the reason, you should not tolerate abuse, and when this happens, you need to walk away from the marriage because your safety matters a lot.

Financial troubles

Probably you have heard of the saying that money makes people funny.  It true!
If you disagree with your spouse about how you will be spending your finances, this can lead to severe issues.
Things like different financial goals and differing spending habits can cause struggles that will strain a marriage, leading to a breaking point.  Also, each partner's amount can be an issue that can lead to a broken marriage.
Money has an incredible impact on people's lives, and it affects everything. Troubles related to finances are among the top reasons that lead to broken marriages.

Lack of communication

Communication is a crucial factor in marriage.  Being unable to maintain effective communication leads to frustration or resentment that affects marriage.
A strong marriage is determined by good communication. When two people are in a union, they should be able to communicate what they need and understand the needs of their partner.
Yelling at each other, not having enough communication, and using offensive words to express yourself are unhealthy methods that can lead your marriage down the drain.
When couples fail to communicate with each other, they can feel lonely and ignored, and they may start caring for each other altogether.

Constant arguments

Arguing about who will pick the kids from school and just about anything may kill a relationship.
Couples who have arguments about the same issues repeatedly feel that they are not understood, and their spouse does not appreciate them.
Once couples do not understand each other's point of view, the marriage will have many issues that can lead to a divorce.

Body changes

As unfair as it sounds, body changes like weight gain can be a cause for divorce. When one person gains weight, their spouse can become less physically attracted to them. Physical attraction to your spouse makes the couple avoid issues like cheating that will lead to a marriage falling apart.
In some cases, weight gain can lead to self-esteem issues that can affect intimacy and lead to a broken marriage.

High expectations

Some people get into marriages with unrealistic expectations, and they expect their spouse to live up to the image they have created in mind.
High expectations cause a lot of strain and pressure to the spouse, making you feel let down. Having the wrong expectations can lead to a divorce.

Lack of intimacy

Lack of a feeling of having a connection with your partner can ruin a marriage because it makes the couples feel like they live more like roommates rather than living as spouses.
Lack of intimacy is not always about sex. Some couples can have sex without having emotional intimacy with each other.  If you constantly give your spouse the cold shoulder, you may be pushing your marriage to a painful end.

Final thoughts

While some issues that lead to a broken marriage can be too hard to solve, most issues can be a thing of the past if the couples put in mutual efforts. Not all problems that married couples face have to end in a divorce; some issues arise due to mere misunderstanding. A slight change in behavior or tactics can go a long way to solve a marriage that was otherwise headed for doom.  

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