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Signs Your Marriage is Over - For Men

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  • 2021-06-17
  • By: Jane

Marriage is not a fairytale, meaning that there are several mountains and valleys along the way. In some instances, the couple does not get their happily ever after. There are times when you may want to rebuild your marriage, and in some cases, divorce or separation is inevitable. Do you feel like the connection you once had is no longer there? Do you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, but you cannot put your finger on it? Are you constantly wondering if it's a bump in the road or the end for you two? Keep reading to find out the signs you should be looking out for as a man if your marriage is over. 

Here are the signs that your marriage is over.

You have less desire to be intimate with your spouse

Your sex drive may keep fluctuating throughout your entire marriage, and that is normal. Some factors that affect your sex drive may include an increase in responsibilities and the duration of the marriage.

When you start raising a family as the breadwinner, you might need to work overtime to get a promotion or extra income. That means that high chances are you might be too exhausted to have sex. You, therefore, need to set dates suitable for both of you. The problem comes in when sex with your spouse no longer sounds enticing, or it looks like an obligation or burden. You keep looking for excuses, and you avoid initiating sex often.

In some cases, your wife no longer arouses you sexually, and you have a recurring desire to be intimate with other women. Cheating on your partner regularly is another vital sign.  If this keeps going on for a long time, then your marriage is on its deathbed.

You constantly fantasize about leaving your partner

Most of the married men who are unhappy often joke about leaving their wives. There is usually some truth to most jokes. It could be that you feel like your wife sucks the joy out of you, or you resent her for a particular thing. For example, when you two get kids, the financial burden will fall on your hands, meaning you must work most of the time to support the household. If you hate your job, but you only keep it for the sake of the bills, then the frustration you feel daily will eventually turn to resentment towards your wife. 

Most women prefer security over risk. Your wife, therefore, encourages family-friendly activities. That is why a married guy leads a different life from a bachelor. The married guy looks collected, and the bachelor is wild. That does not make the married life boring. It means that priorities change, and you, therefore, prefer stability to thrill-seeking.

Spending time with your partner should not fill you with anxiety. If you partake in the fun activities in your wife's absence, and that is when you feel happiest, and you feel low when your spouse joins you, that is a red flag you should be keen about.

Your wife's habits begin to irritate you

When you were in love or at the beginning of the marriage, you overlooked some of her activities or were initially okay with them. For example, you would leave your dirty clothes on the floor, she would scold you, and you would put them in the laundry basket without a fuss. Now, however, that action seems to bring quarrels. You might also feel like your wife is controlling or nagging you.

It could be trivial things like how she eats, how she dresses. You only stay because you feel that is your obligation.

You cannot stand being in your partner's presence

You prefer to work late or get extra hours so that you find your wife asleep. You find reasons not to go on vacations. That is the reason why initiating intimacy with your spouse becomes a challenge. There are scenarios where you are at peace in the workplace, but you have so much rage within you as soon as you get home.

When you two are together physically, your mind always seems to drift. That makes it hard to have a meaningful conversation. You may take quite some time to notice that.

You avoid confrontations

Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship. Confrontations, therefore, mean that you want to make things right. If you get to a place where you prefer to sweep issues under the rug or take your wife's side to avoid further problems, then your marriage is not okay. High chances you are afraid to say that it is over and you do not care the direction the union takes.

Your partner's needs are no longer your priority

As a husband, you always put your family's needs and wife's desires first. If your wife stops being your priority and your life becomes your obsession, there is a significant underlying issue.

A good example is where your wife comes home with some shabby clothes, and she asks for some money to buy new clothes, and you tell her that you do not have money. You have the money, but you do not want to give it to her.

You no longer receive respect from your wife

That could be mutual, meaning that none of you shows respect to the other person. Respect is an essential aspect of marriage to a man. If you are no longer getting it, then something is wrong. Some signs of disrespect from your wife could include:

Your wife barely makes time for you

She goes out with her friends and never invites you. When you are together, she can barely say a word to you because she is busy on her phone.

Your wife fails to share vital information

That means that you get the information from other parties. Communication is essential in a marriage.

She does not introduce you during events

It is rude to fail to introduce someone and continue having a conversation with other people. That shows so much indifference.

She makes you feel unworthy

That means that she does not celebrate your accomplishments and only makes derogatory comments towards you. She may also show you that she does not need you in her life.


If the above signs are constant in your marriage, it is a clear sign that it is over. However, remember that it is possible to turn around a hopeless situation. That will require a lot of effort from both of you, but it will be worth it in the end. Remember that in some cases, divorce or separation is the better option.


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