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14 Songs to Strengthen Your Marriage

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  • 2021-04-27
  • By: Jane

The beginning of any great relationship that leads to marriage is linked in more ways than one in music. Music is the key to the soul, and it is a great way to cement a marriage or reignite the spark that exists between two people in love. Seeing people who are married may create an impression that there is happiness in marriages, but that is not the case. Like any other relationship, marriages are filled with rock huddles, greatly caused by mental challenges, life happenings, family changes, and the union are greatly tested.

In the Bible, we learn how marriage is an ordained union approved by God, who intends for them to be blessed. The big question is, how do you strengthen the bond between you and your partner? The are many Christian-based songs that seek to reignite a spark in marriage, restoring hope and love. Despite the number of years you and your spouse have been, married several songs go a long way to spark hope and restoration.

Here are fourteen songs that can strengthen your marriage:

Casting Crowns – Broken Together

"Broken Together" is a song that focuses on the flaws that a couple can have and how they can get through their insecurities by being open to one another. The song seeks to highlight that no spouses are perfect and that people are often broken, but through God's love, a wife and a husband can get redemption for the scars and secretes when brought to light.

Favorite lyrics

“On this hallowed ground, we have drawn the battle line

Will we make it through the night?

It is going to take much more

And promises this time

Only God can change our mind

Maybe you and I  were never meant to  be complete

Could we just be broken together?“

Sanctus Real – Lead Me

Lead me is a song about the transformational change of a man who has decided to take charge of their life from the inside to match the outside look of their life. This song is about the redemption of the internal and soul. Through God's grace, you can find your path back to your spouse and learn to love them under the ordained union.

Favorite Lyrics

“I know we call this our home

But I still feel alone

 So, father give me the strength

 To be everything is called to be

Ooh, father, show me the way to living

Won’t you lead me

To lead the with strong hands

To stand up when they can’t

Don’t want to leave them hungry for love

Chasing things that I could give them.”

Matthew West – Restored

The song is inspired by a man named Joe who told Matthew about his marriage and how he and the spouse started drifting apart because they left God out of the picture. Their challenging life without God was touching like many other marriages, and as much as you might convince yourself that you are okay, your soul will always know the truth. When you face the toughest time, God will make a way to restore your marriage through defining moments.

Favorite Lyrics

“This house can’t take another fight.

Once again, our pride is the only one that wins

 I wish that we could rewind

Turn the hands of time

Back to love’s beginning

 There’s plenty of blame to go around

Too many tears have touched the ground

I know it looks too far.'

Beyond repair

But I believe. God can restore love

If we take less this time and give a little more.”

Riley Clemmons – Fighting For Me

This song sparks hope when things in marriage begin to become tough. It is a love song that sends a message to your spouse not to give up on you. “Fighting for me” is a thank you melody towards your partner, a song that expresses how much you love them.

Favorite lyrics

“When the going gets tough

And my strengths not enough

 I see You showing up like never before

This battle for my heart

You took on from the start

You are the peace when my minds at war

 And ohhhhhhhhhhhh”

Hope Mix – Hold us together

Hold us together is a song that recognizes that God is the one who keeps and holds a marriage together. The song is a reminder that even in the darkness, he is the light, and in times of hopelessness, he guides.

Favorite lyrics

“You're the keeper, protector

It is You that holds us together

When everything else fails us

It is You that holds us together

Oh-whoa-whoa, oh-whoa-oh."

Mercy Me – Flawless

Past mistakes often affect lives by creating a picture of flaws and scars. Do you have flaws? Flaws are very common, and everybody has them, and the only way to embrace this flaw is by seeking God's help to replenish your unconditional love for your spouse.

Favorite Lyrics

“Could it possibly be 

That we can't believe

That this unconditional

Kind of love would be enough

To take a filthy wretch like this

And wrap him up in righteousness

But that's what He did."

Apollo LTD – Heaven [All Around You]

Are you arguing with your spouse, or is your spouse having doubts about your marriage? Heaven is a song that reassures your spouse of your love for them. Its lyrics are intertwined with scriptural words that bring in the God factor into the love being expressed.

Favorite lyrics

“Close your eyes, tell me what you see.

We're standing on the edge, earth beneath our feet

I loved you like a lamb, and I fought just like a soldier

Made love like we were young, but honey, we're only getting older

So when we turn to dust, know I'm right behind you

Cause when we both die, I'll never be more alive

Then when I'm right beside you, beside you, yeah."

Tauren Wells – Known

“known” is a song that expresses the fear a spouse has of opening up to their partner and reveling the mess inside. Nobody is perfect, and we all need to take that leap of faith and trust that our partners will not judge you for being you. The song inspires change in starting over in marriage.

Favorite Lyrics

“It's so unusual, it's frightening

You see right through the mess inside me

And you call me out to pull me in

You tell me I can start again

And I don't need to keep on hiding."

Travis Greene – Good and Loved

"Good and Loved" is a song that inspires hope. For a couple, one of the spouses might feel like the marriage is coming to an end, but by listening to this song and the restoration and assurance message embedded inside, one can be restored to try again at love.

Favorite Lyrics

“Through the chaos, I will be your joy

When you're finished, I have so much more

In the waiting, I'm an open door

Stand still and know; I am your Lord."

Tauren Wells – Like you love me

Are you having doubts about your marriage? “ Like you love me” is a song that helps restore hope in a union. It talks of having a clouded judgment and gives a reassurance that it is just for a while.

Favorite lyrics

“Whenever the clouds come into my mind

I won't forget it's You who tells the sun to shine

Every worry, every night

Every second thought about tomorrow's wasted time (ay)”

Brandon Heath – Love never fails

The song is founded on the principles of love as dictated by the Bible. It talks of how love is not proud and an indication that in marriage, the two partners should not be proud and that their love should be the center of their union even in hard times.

Favorite lyrics

“Love is not proud

Love does not boast

Love after all

Matters the most."

Lauren Daigle – First

"First" is a song that guides people in marriage on the first step of getting into a union—the song talks of strengthening yourself in Christ before getting married.

Favorite lyrics

“Before I speak a word

Let me hear Your voice

And amid pain

Let me feel Your joy

Ooh, I want to know You

I want to find You."

King & Country – Without You

Sickness has been considered to be a factor that threatens a marriage. The factor is so great that it is included in the marriage declarations " in sickness and health." The song that is sung by a couple is an example of how spouses should hold one another in the toughest of times.

Favorite Lyric

“I heard a voice from the other side

Singing "hold fast, love last."

As winter turns into summertime

Singing "hold fast, love last."

I heard another voice from the other side

Singing "hold fast, love last."

As winter turns into summertime

Singing ‘hold fast’”

Steven Curtis Chapman – Together

Every marriage has a journey, and every journey has its good and bad times. “ Together” is a song that re-affirming this journey and a celebration of the all-mightiest faithfulness.  

Favorite Lyric

“And if it wasn’t for God’s mercy and His grace.

There's no way we would be standing in this place

But because He has been faithful

Every step along the way

Here we are together, together."

Final Thoughts

If you ever feel heartbroken or hapless and that your marriage is not headed in the right direction remember that God is in control and he is ready to shower you with redemption that will strengthen your marriage and faith. Listen to the above songs for renewal and strengthening.

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