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30 Powerful Christian Marriage Quotes

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  • 2021-05-18
  • By: Jane

Marriage is a precious gift from God. The union consists of endless love, care, patient, and forgiveness. With two imperfect human beings that have decided to spend most of their lives together, it is a beautiful thing. A Christian marriage comes with a bundle of God's blessings. Most of these marriages have ups and downs; no marital relationship is perfect, as we all know.

There are, whatsoever, inspirational words that might assist you in molding a beautiful Christian marriage. Here is an article consisting of quotes for a Christian wife or husband who desires to cement their relationship.


What is a Christian marriage?

According to the Christianity, Christian marriage is a togetherness of baptized marriage partners who initiate a covenant of Christ's love for the ultimate goal of procreation and nurturing children. The married couples have their lives that comply with the sacred sacrament and cherish each other as husband or wife.


As the marriage partners go through various marital crises, they become testimonies of the magical powers of the Holy Spirit. In an ideal Christian marriage, the marriage partners need to give and receive love to nourish the intimate union. Also, they might need to emulate Jesus and His Church teachings and lessons.


Christian marriage quotes

God's faith and unconditional love surround a Christian marriage. Below is a list of wise Christian marriage quotes you might need to know.

  1. True love exists only in a marriage or family that acknowledges God’s glory. You need to serve Him and not replace Him with other idols. Always remember not to worship your husband or children, but praise the Lord with them. - Mark Driscoll


  1. Christian marriage is like a sacrament that makes up a community of the church and society. God created marriage in His pure grace and way. Those male and female individuals into Christian marriages have had eternal lives. - Pope Francis


  1. The number of rules we bring to life does not matter a lot. The rules do not make godly relationships. A beautiful romance in a Christian marriage will only     exist when we lean to God and do things that please Him. - Eric Ludy


  1. What label a Christian marriage is a self-denial and discipline. Therefore, Christianity does not pull down a marriage. It sanctifies it instead. - Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  1. The big  three keys of Christian marriage are change, forgiveness alongside dedicating to God and receiving the Holy Spirit. - Richard Massafra


  1. Set your eyes to Jesus alone and the plans that He has laid out for you. Love Him wholeheartedly. See around and marry an individual who has been throughout with you. - Debra Fileta


  1. God initiated marriage. Not even a government entity or a social community founded it. God molded marriage in His likeness. - Max Lucado


  1. When a Christian marriage tumbles down, one of the partners is not following and obeying the Holy Spirit's works. - Cleveland McDonald


  1. No one critically understands Christ's love like a husband and a wife who submit themselves to marital love acts. - J Vernon McGee


  1. Love pays attention to the present; it is hopeful for the future and does wallow about the past moments. It generally composes of disappointments, big wins, issues, and also achievements. Having a love of your life might fill you with essential things that you did not have. If you lack a love partner, what you find out there might not be enough. - Ann Landers


  1. Marriage needs you to commit to love your partner unconditionally as you wait for them to acquire the desired changes. Each marriage focuses on either praise or degradation. - Dan Allender and Tremper Longman III


  1. A significant way to start a magnificent marriage is when union partners know God before themselves. - Gary and Betsy Ricucci


  1. For a long while, Christianity has brought this truth; Marriage must not be all about itself. Love that does not serve life eventually perishes. - Evelyn and James Whitehead


  1. When you practice loving God more than your earthly partner, you end loving your husband or wife more than before. - C.S Lewis


  1. The majority of marriage problems are not from the union; they are God issues instead.  They come from failing to understand Him or having a lousy relationship with Him. A significant God's understanding contributes to a healthy marriage. It is critical to most things in your marriage. - Francis Chan


  1. Love is not a feeling. It is a solid unity, surrounded by will, made firm by habit and reinforced by God's grace. Marriage partners can even cherish each other with this love when the feelings fade away, like the way you love yourself even with dislikes. - C.S Lewis


  1. The ultimate purpose of a marriage is not to discover flaws in each other. You need not spot the weaknesses to help your partner. God brings different individuals together with the primary intentions of initiating love and submission. Do not change your partner. You are not a teacher or master of your spouse. Learn to love your marriage partner wholly. - Watchman Nee


  1. God sent Christ as the proper foundation of Christian marriage. According to Romans 15:7, God wants us to welcome each other like the way Christ welcomes us in God's glory. He encourages us to forgive one another while in a marriage. For with no forgiveness, nothing can survive, especially a marriage. Do not fight for your rights alone, nor blame or condemn one another. But live a marriage union full of forgiveness and eternal acceptance. -  Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  1. Christianity does not lead us to get the right individual. It wants us to be the ideal person in Christian marriage. - Gary Thomas


  1. Remembering a Christian marriage is not an agreement in contractual terms.  Because true love is not all about staying in a relationship only when having a certain feeling, it is not genuine love. In moving with the union regardless of anything, an association made up of commitment regardless of anything is an excellent example of true love. - Matt Chandler


  1. A consummate experience is where your spouse still sticks by you for multiple years, even after knowing both your flaws and strengths. Getting love from unknown sources is pretty superficial. However, most of our greatest fear is not getting love from the people we know. But getting the love you desire and being well-known is like love from God. We all undoubtedly significantly want this than anything else. It separates us from pretense, humbles us, and keeps us strong from any difficulty. - Timothy Keller


  1. There is nothing more significant than the feeling of joining two souls - to lift each other with words of encouragement, to relieve sorrows, and take life pains together. - George Eliot


  1. A solid Christian marriage is one where a partner uplifts another to a higher self of their own. - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


  1. Most conflicts in marriages are due to pleasing yourself rather than God. You can work on these matters to nurture your spiritual growth. It would be best to handle the conflicts in a biblical way. - John C. Broger


  1. God began marriage. And turning your problems and desires to Him is the only way to have a successful marriage. - Aaron Jacob


  1. Sex is not all about genitalia. It is a relationship. When God mentioned two flesh becoming a single one, He did not singly mean the physical means alone. -  Sheila Wray Gregoire


  1. Christian marriage has a similar analogy to a house foundation. It is a great time to establish a house when the foundation is complete. Likewise, you need to have a prepared surface before painting a picture. Therefore, sensual love is genuine and everlasting when you base it on love and respect for one another. - Leo Tolstoy


  1. God made us with a passion for having a language that explains the joy of cleaving to Him with much love. - John Piper


  1. Christian marriages do not lack problems. It is a union where two individuals cherish and accept each other no matter the arising issues and fears. It is generally a marriage where even selfish individuals can get other selfish individuals without changing them. Because they know Christ accepted them the way they are. - Keith Miller


  1. Do not allow depression. Do not permit weaknesses that make you impatient. Instead, let your spirit serenity cause joy in your face. - St. Peter Damian


Final Thoughts

Your spiritual intimacy is so crucial in a marriage. God is the pillar of all spiritual marriages - His love assures you of a successful marriage. You get an opportunity to express endless passion, forgiveness, and patience with your marriage partner. The article has a whole stack of inspiring quotes to assist you with your Christian marriage. You can follow through them - you never know, you might land into your favorite quote.

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