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Dating Tips for Men on The First Date

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Appropriately arranging the first date is not really a kind of skill, you can win the prefect start for your love by applying the following simple methods approved by scientific scrutiny.

1. Let your body speak your mind.

Based on the previous experiences, body language can convey much more information to people and express richer feelings. According to the calculation made by researchers, 55 percent of your first impression for the other side depends on appearance and body language, 38 percent rests with how you say while 7 percent relies on what you say. First of all, the dating advice for men you need to pay attention is: never stand in front of her with your arms crossed. Secondly, imitating the other side's posture could contribute to make your partner feel closer.

2. Experience fear together.

Common experience of extreme condition can make two person close easier. Because there are close connection among panic, excitement and adore. In the experiment "Swaying Bridge" conducted in the 1970s, the psychologists found that if one man meet one woman in the swaying bridge, then the woman is more sexy and romantic in the mans eyes. Of course, it doesn't mean that your first date should be set under such extreme situation. You may set your date at playground or take her to watch one mysterious suspense movie.

3. Laugh together.

Love is always accompanied by laughter. humor sense plays a very important role in love. Laughter could create a sense of intimacy between strangers.

4. Choose suitable music.

The study made by psychologists shows that soft and simple music is conductive to the development of emotion. The experiment indicates that gentle music could make female have a good impression of male. On the contrary, jazz music or total silent circumstance could produce the opposite effect.

5. Gaze into her eyes

Any fascinating and charming women would be aware that eye contact is a very effective way to express feelings. On the basis of researches conducted by psychologists, eye contact is a very powerful weapon. gazing into the other's eye rather than other body positions is easier to produce intimate feeling when two strangers sit opposite each other.

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