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How to Impress A Girl

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Girls are most likely to be tempted when they stay alone with boys. At this time, boys should seize every opportunity to take the initiative. However, if there is another person on the spot, the girl usually will refuse the boy without hesitation so as to hide her true feeling.

2. When a girl stays in a closed space(such as an elevator) for a long time, she is subjected to produce psychological abnormalities due to the imbalance of heart inside, thus breeding the emotion of love. Then, boys can take advantage of this psychological characteristic to enhance the courtship offensive.

3. As usual, girls are easily moved by boys' sweet talk. Generally speaking, boys are more sensitive to visual stimuli while girls are more sensitive to auditory stimuli. That's why girls can be quickly touched by boys' tender, gentle and musical words on the phone. Therefore, boys should bring their specific language glamour into full play. 

4. AT the end of the date, more often than not, a girl is extremely unstable physically and mentally. What's more, the girl still rests on charming dating atmosphere and endless fantasy for quite a long time. So, boys can make full use of this period of time in the  hope of impressing the girls they love. 

5. Under clean and cozy atmosphere, the girls are easy to be emotional. That's because the environment makes her body and mind relaxed instead of feeling disgusted and uneasy. As a result, her feeling can be easily aroused.

6. When hearing continuous compliments, the girl is easy to be moved, even if she is fully aware that the boy flatters her on the purpose. After for a while, she will be attracted by the boy. Furthermore, she holds the ideas that the boy really falls in love with her. It is said that girls are eager to hear compliments emotionally, namely the so-called ancient and clumsy "courtship signal". Perhaps it's the instinctive reaction of animal.

7. A girl can be easily out of control in an unfamiliar environment. So the boys are fond of changing the appointment time, place and manner to let the girl feel funny and fresh.

8. The emotional pace of girls is slower than that of boys. And, she will be fully moved after the induction of prolonged stimulation, and the exclusion of all kinds of interference from external environment.

9. During the pursuit, the curiosity and desire of girl can be easily aroused when the boy suddenly stops the relentless pursuit. At this time, the girl will easily throw herself on the boy.

10. Just like animals, humans also have the instinct of "selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior". By instinct, girls easily fall in love with the superior. Therefore, she will be moved when she gets to know that the boy is truly powerful.

11. Boys' true love is the most effective weapon to touch a girl. When the girl convinces that the boy is genuinely in love with her, she will be easily touched by the boy.

12. when the girl is tired, she will accept the boy's love quickly.

13. The girl will produce feelings of excitement when she is accidentally touched, while the deliberate stroking is objectionable.

14. A long-time ride in the car will make the girl produce emotional impulse.

15. Sometimes the boy loses his temper, even slaps the girl in the face. At this moment, on the contrary, the girl will recognize the boy's charm, feeling awakened and excited.(with regard to this point, I remain neutral.)

16. After intense exercise, the girl will be out of control dramatically.

17. When the girl has fun outside, she is easy to produce strong feelings. At this moment, she is able to forget those people, things and atmosphere in a familiar environment and will easily get relaxed, thus having the idea of pursuing pleasure.

18. When a girl hears sweet words after drinking, her cerebral cortex is in a slight anesthetic state, her rational thinking is suppressed while emotional state comes alive.

19. A pleasant talk between boy and girl can make girl in a good mood and then accept the courtship. 

20. When a girl begins to rely on a boy, she is easy to be touched. In particular, when the girl is taken to an unfamiliar or inconvenient place, she will be struck with panic owing to inadaptability of the unfamiliar environment. At this time, she will easily trust the boy whom she is familiar with and then fall in love with him.

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