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Ten Steps to Get A GirlFriend

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Abandon Inferiority and Be Yourself

If you are a boy with intense inferiority, you should first get rid of it.If you think you are not very nice, and have the thought "Could she fall in love with such a guy like me?" You are destined to be a loser in love.

2. Determine Your Objectives

Just like our study, a clear goal will lead to pursuing. Only an explicit goal can produce the thought about how to chase your girl. It's the beginning of your action.

3. Communicate with eyes, let her know that you have a crush on her.

After the target is determined, you need to stare at her with affectionate eyes everyday. Don't look at her surreptitiously like a thief, let her know if you love her.Otherwise, the girl may think you are stealthy and have some essay, she will be feared.

4. Pay Attention to Her Reaction

If you look at her silently and she does the same, just like you are sending speechless messages to each other, it shows that she has paid attention to you and had a crush on you. Then you can proceed to the next step. If what is said above hasn't happened, it means that she doesn't know you like her, or you need to wait.

5.Be Active, Find an Excuse to Get Close to Her

If you are sure that she has a response to you, you can begin to get close to her. Remember, be confident, be gentlemanlike, and walk to her calmly. Even if you don't have an outstanding appearance, she will be attracted by your temperament, charm and demeanor.

6. Help Her with Some Unnecessary Things

Look at what she does and take the initiative to help her, try to do something unnecessary. After a long time, she will find that you are a nice man, and gradually fall in love with you. That's because nobody could do those things for her like you do, and nobody has been aware of such a way of chasing girls.

7. Show Concern When She Is Sad

Everyone will encounter something worrying or painful, at such a time, what we desire most is someone's comfort and concern. When someone shows his(her) concern to you, you will find him(her) really nice and only he(she) understands you most.

8. Show Your Love Indirectly

For example, when you date with her in a starry night, you can tell her:"I have already had a girl I like." And the girl will get nervous," Really? Do you like her?""Of course, she is the one I like deeply in my heart." The girl will have a sense of loss, "Then best wishes for you." The girl begins to get silence. Then you ask her:"There is her photograph, would like to have a look?""All right, let me see whether she suits you."" She must be very suitable for me. She is the perfect girl that I have ever seen."(You need prepare for a mirror in advance) Take a beautiful box from the pocket unhurriedly and tell her:"It's inside, have a look by yourself."The girl opens it. Oh it's me! Subsequently you ask again:"Is she very suitable for me? Is she very pretty? Is she the one can make me happy?"The girl will lower her head shyly, like a rose in full bloom.

9. Always Be with Her, Feel the Warmth of Love

As long as you have told your love to her, you don't have to ask whether she loves you. What you should do is to wander with her when you are free, which can deepen feelings between you. After a period of time, she will take the initiative to ask you whether you really love her.

10. Say 'Be My Girlfriend' to Her.

At this time, you can tell her "Let's fall in love with each other, I wouldn't be happy without you, love has occupied my heart." And then she will promise you happily because she also has the same feeling as you do. Then you can have a girlfriend you love.

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