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7 Ways to Win Your Boyfriend and Save Love

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

There will always be some fool girl in the world, they continue to perpetuate their boyfriend even though they broke up. Actually except sulk about it, girls still have some chances to get things back, given that it's not easy to be together for two person in such a huge universe. Be the initiative, does not mean the loss of face, on the contrary, it's the exact expression of your seriousness and endeavor.

1. Know where you get wrong

Seeking where you get wrong is the first step to catch up one mistake. Please just sit down to think about it carefully, analyses the relationship between you and him, try to find out the rough time when the relation goes bad. Then, ask yourself whether you mean to save it or not, and after you make up your mind, remember, compromise and change are the must-have.

2. No pressure

Now you have made up your mind, get him back! What is the specific method? Firstly, I will tell what you're not to do. Don't call or send messages to pester him again and again. What you do above just push him father and father away from you. No one want to hangout with the depressed, after such a long time since you broke up especially.

3. Take time to heal and focus on you

Giving a short moment breather of time is particularly important for the break-up. I recommend taking a few weeks to be apart: no meeting, no emails, no phone, even miss him to death. The point is, you would never succeed if you didn't recover from the bump completely, also, in the period of the healing, you can pick up the time to clear if you mean to be together with him, maybe you just didn't adapt the situation without him because of dependence too much.

4. Waiting 3 weeks

I propose you to spend three weeks to ponder over your relation to decide what you should to do, before you formally negotiate. Keep the patient doing some reflection, you can plunge into your hobbies during the three weeks, do some you ever never have time to do. And prepared to make a polite response when your boyfriend called you, but remembers to be brief, tell him you will come back to his embrace at the right time, but now is the occasion to wind it down.

5. Maintain a positive attitude!

Give yourself confidence, considering maybe he still loved you, no matter when you call him or say something with him, stay positive, it's not the right time to talk about how bitter you are when you broke up. If it embarrassed you, catch a reason to leave at this moment, do remember, the longer you pester with him, the suffer you will experience. What these suggestions above only give you chance to retrieve your love. If you want to succeed, you need to do more in addition.

6. Don't play "physical" card.

Once you have a couple of meet, the attraction from the bodily infatuation will hook you then stronger and stronger. You feel thirsty about his embrace precisely because it has been a really long time that you have no sex, I suggest you'd better don't make love with him straightly. The reason is, male enjoy the feeling of chasing, they desire to have you, especially when you refuse him. And it's the right time you win him back. However, you have to know, there was still a line of limitation between success and lose in emotive world, and nobody can be an eternal winner since love is not a game, there is a lot more than winning. But you need to promise to give him the best love even so, once you decide to establish a serious relation, with not only the "friends with benefits".

7. If the ways listed above didn't work

As the experience told us, noting can be guaranteed for sure. What the only we can do is to give it a shot, when fail, head up and keep moving. Remember, if he isn't the man in destiny, the right man will come up sooner or later. And what you need to do is to be a wise woman, and try to do some brave attempt with sincerity and confidence after comprehending the suggestions above.

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