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How to Make Marriage off the Cliff - Nine Tips by Psychological Experts

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Marriage needs to be carefully protected or it would break up easily. Knowing how to save it matters, especially in the event of marriage crisis. So let's see how to make marriage off the cliff.


1. Don't try to tell right or wrong from marriage problems.

  In the case of marriage crisis, couples are always complaining or blaming each other by telling right or wrong from marriage problems which will gradually widen conflicts leading to broken marriage. What to blame is our impulse or laziness towards marriage and that we over care those faults come up in it and ask to much of the other.

2. Divorce harms children more

  Divorce is worst to children, especially when their parents remarry again. It is tough for them to figure out how to seek balance between two mothers and fathers.

3. With good friends and relatives involved, it will accelerate marriage to break up.

  Most females will turn to their good friends and relatives when marriage crisis comes up, which in turn will make the crisis worse. Because in this way you tend to be more emotional and away from objectiveness and then they will take sides with you. This may result in their quarrels with the other to back you up. It will end up with inflaming the situation.

4. Don't follow suit to solve marriage crisis

  Each family has its own story therefore their conflicts vary. There is no universal solutions to marriage crisis. The best way is that the most fits. Or try to recall good days of marriage or in relationship thus it benefits marriage crisis-solving.  

5. Don't try to ease marriage crisis by extramarital affair

  The passion and instant happiness of extramarital affair can not meet people's happiness and satisfaction of marriage. After all it is on the basis of betraying the other, eventually leading to broken marriage.

6. Don't feel wronged

  If you want to save your marriage, don't feel wronged. Or you will neither have better hope nor more confidence to handle marriage crisis. In an initiative way to make a change can you control the fate of you and your marriage.

7. Alarm the hazard of cold war

  Negative cold war will only to enhance marriage crisis and accelerate the process of breaking up. Cold war often results in being desperate and not taking rising problems into consideration.

8. Seek positive conflicts

  That learn positive conflict in daily life is a good way to ease and solve marriage crisis. It is a fierce way of fitting each other and a means fo communication, which will not cause much harm to both sides. Having experienced positive conflict, many problems can be solved. It can have the other's better understanding as well.

9. Set a short-term specific goal.

  Marriage crisis forms gradually, not just one or two days. Do not expect a small change can make your marriage off the cliff . Therefore we need to set a short-term specific goal, instead of an abstract aim of happy marriage. It does not need too many branch systems to support. That the one who expects to improve marriage problems acts and speaks differently from the moment of escalating conflicts can change the overall situation.

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