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A Secret for Getting Pregnant Fast

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

I have a secret for getting pregnant which used by two of my friends and both got pregnant in one month. another friend who hasn't been pregnant for one year, but made it in one month after I told her this secret. And i get pregnant in one month by using it too. this is very effective, whether you know your ovulatory time or not, you wouldn't lose any chance to get pregnant.

This secret is very simple: make love on the 10th, 12th and 14th day after your menstruation, delay a few days if your circle is longer than 28 days.

Why is it efficacious? cause it can cover 8 days long, as we all know that ovum can live 24 hours and sperm can live 72 hours, so you can get pregnant if you ovulate between the 9th and 16th day. why start from the 10th day, is it too early? i read many posts, infact many women ovulate on the 11th day or 12th day not on the 14th day.

Don't be afraid of waste of sperm, The number of sperm is huge, the best will stand out, but we have just one precious ovum in one month, we can't make both of ovum and sperm stay fresh, the ovum have priority. so we should make sure that sperms always waiting there while ovulate, so the ovum is fresh and healthy when it is fertilized.

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