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What Do We Do Before Pregnancy?

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

The preparation before pregnancy is very necessary if we want to give birth to smart and beautiful babies. In order to make full preparation, we have to start with three aspects including spirituality, body and materiality.

1. Body preparation

As for those people who have such chronic diseases as heart disease, high blood pressure, nephritis and hyperthyroidism etc., they can prepare for pregnancy only when their state of illness is stable or they have recovered for a while. In this way, the symptoms will not worsen after pregnancy. In other words, the illness will not lead to any harmful effects on pregnancy. In addition, those people engaging in the work which needs to touch detrimental substances should change their jobs before pregnancy so as to avoid adverse effects.

2. Spiritual preparation

Don't give the woman who prepares for pregnancy too much pressure. If the couple decides to become pregnant, then both parties involved should not be given too much pressure. It is inappropriate to become pregnant under too much pressure. And, the best conception can be ensured only when the wife is relaxed with little working pressure. In other words, it is of great importance to make full preparation before pregnancy.

3. Living preparation

Bad living habits should be broken, such as irregular break, smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee etc. On the contrary, the methods to calculate ovulatory period and best conception time should be mastered.

How does the husband do?

1. Those married men engaging in the kinds of work such as crop-dusting, weed killer-dusting, chemicals and heavy metal touch should prevent the wife from pregnancy within at least 70 days.

2. The fat husband while losing weight cannot make his wife pregnant. That's because there are too many harmful chemicals in his body. And, certain fat-soluble chemicals can be stored into the fat. In the process of fast weight losing, the poisonous substances accumulated in the fat would enter into the blood and then do direct or indirect harm to the sperm.

3. Don't try drug abuse and use any barrier cream with estrogen. Nowadays, many chemical drugs can influence the viability of sperm and increase abnormal sperms. 

4. Don't have food preference. The production of sperm entails high-quality protein, mineral substance like Ca and Zn, micronutrients, arginine and multivitamin etc.

5. Quit smoking and drinking. There is a wide variety of harmful substances in smoke and drinks which can kill and wound the sperm. As a result, the couple should stop drinking and smoking at least three months prior to conception.

6. Keep a good and stable mood. If the husband is blue, worried with a short temper frequently, then both his spermatogenic function and sexual function are unstable, which will definitely affect the production and quality of sperm. 

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