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How to Get Pregnant with Twins

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Conceiving twins naturally is one of the things in life where the odds are not in a woman's favor. There have been different statistics thrown out before of what a woman's chances are of having twins and it varies. There have been reports that odds are anywhere from 1% to 3%. Whatever the correct statistic is, there is a better chance of not ever having twins than there is to have twins. 

Years ago women could not increase their chances of having twins. Thanks to science and research, there are now many things that a woman can do to increase her chances of giving birth to twins. There are both natural ways and unnatural ways. We are first going to talk about the unnatural ways. If someone is able to take fertility drugs or undergo an IVF procedure, their chances of having twins greatly increases. Although there is never any guarantee of having twins, odds will vastly increase. It can be very expensive, and it is no guarantee so many pass these options up. Also, most doctors will not ever consider prescribing fertility drugs or do a IVF for someone simply because they want twins. There would have to be a fertility issue with the woman for a doctor to go that route.

If you want to know how to get pregnant with twins you must know that here are some things that you have no control over that can increase your chances of having twins. These three things are genes, ethnicity and age. Experts believe that giving birth to fraternal twins is hereditary. That does not exclude anyone from having twins though. It just gives those with the twins gene in them a better chance of having twins. If someone has a family where twins are common, they will have a better chance of having twins than someone who has no twins in their family history. Studies have also shown that a person's ethnicity will factor in their chances of having twins. Those from African ancestry have a higher rate of having twins than any other ethnicity. Those from Asian backgrounds statistically have the lowest rate of twins. It is also a known fact that giving birth to twins is more likely to happen for an older woman. This makes lots of sense as the the body of the older woman will speed up ovulation as her biological clock starts ticking very fast. 

What can someone do themselves to increase their chances of having twins? Although there is never any guarantee of having twins, odds will vastly increase if a person gains weight. Of course being overweight is not a healthy life style, but it is a proven stat that most women who give birth to twins are overweight. A particular diet is also believed by many experts to increase chances of having twins. Many believe that a high dairy product diet increases chances of having twins by as much as five times. Yams and a high folic acid diet are also believed to drastically increase chances. One final tip that experts believe will increase chances of having twins is to conceive while breastfeeding. It is believed that a woman who is breastfeeding is nine times more likely to have twins! 

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