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How Do You Get Pregnant

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Several basic requirements for getting pregnant:

1. The man's testis enables to generate normal sperms.

2. The woman's ovary enables to produce healthy and mature eggs.

3. Have normal sexual life before and after female’s ovulation so as to make sperm and eggs stand the chance of fertilization.

4. The genital tract has to be unobstructed.

5. The internal intrauterine environment must be adequate for the implantation and development of fertilized ovum.

How do you get pregnant fast:

In order to achieve the successful insemination for the first time, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Choose the best gestational day:

As for those young couples aged from 25 to 30, it is perfect to get pregnant in late spring when the weather is fine and warm with all sorts of flowers in bloom. According to the research, long sunlight and moderate temperature can make human body feel comfortable and have strong sexual desire. As a result, conception success rate is high and it is beneficial to have healthier baby.

2. Ensure rational nutrition before pregnancy:

How to enhance pregnancy probability? Be sure to keep internal acid-base equilibrium. The diet should be delicate and goluptious which takes vegetarian food as the principal thing and fish as supplements within three months to prepare for pregnancy. Besides, eat fresh vegetables and fruits to ensure acid-base equilibrium. Meanwhile, your daily life needs to be regular and your mood needs to be optimistic and outgoing. Furthermore, harmonious interpersonal relationship as well as good physical agility can achieve successful conception. Besides, it is beneficial for the children’s future physical and intellectual development.

3. Limit your desires before pregnancy and suppress sensual passion after pregnancy:

As for young couples, the so-called limited desire refers to have sexual life once to twice every week before pregnancy. When pregnancy is confirmed, the couple had better sleep in separate beds and suppress sensual passion for three months.   

General knowledge to enhance pregnancy rate:

The following three aspects should be considered in order to enhance pregnancy rate:

1. First of all, make preparation for good physical fitness. Both sides should stick to going in for physical exercises in order to improve physical fitness. What’s more, nutrition should be reinforced and appropriate regulatory life should be controlled. Only by conserving strength and storing up energy can improve sperm quality and quantity.

2. The time should be set during ovulatory period. Basically, sperms can keep alive for at least 24 hours after entering into female’s genital tract. Thus, never stop having sexual life around the time of ovulation. Have high-quality sexual life one time each day is a must.

3. Technically, man-on-top position is suitable. Try to make female’s hips padded so as to avoid seminal fluid from flowing out.

The best season to get pregnant:

Based on the investigation and analysis conducted from 4500 freshmen, the excellent rate of children conceived in spring and autumn is 60% higher than that of children conceived in hot summer. In early pregnancy, the baby’s cerebral cortex is in the process of formation. Due to high temperature in hot summer, the pregnant woman has strong pregnancy reaction and bad appetite. Thus, protein intake is small and body consumption level is high. Similarly, the temperature is too low in cold winter. Also, there are few fresh vegetables. The pregnant woman often stays in the room without too much exercises and fresh air. As a result, the pregnant woman is easily to catch cold. All of the disadvantageous climate can exert the influence on baby’s development and intelligence.

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