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How to Get Pregnant Fast

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Don't neglect the pre-pregnancy check-up
Before making preparations for pregnancy, the husband and wife need to consult the doctor to be sure that the reproductive systems of the couple work normally so as not to fish in the air and waste time.
The essential conditions for getting pregnant: 1. The function of the ovary is normal and it can discharge normal ova; 2. The seminal fluid of the husband is normal; 3. The sperm and ovum can be integrated in the oviduct, and then the fertilized ovum can be normally sent into the uterus cavity; 4. The endometrium is well prepared, suitable for the development of the fertilized ovum. Abnormity in any link will result in sterility.

2. Calculating the ovulatory period and scheduling the sexual activity
The biggest secret for getting pregnant quickly lies in knowing when you ovulate. The ovulatory time is generally 14 days before the menstruation begins and it can be monitored by the test paper or measurement of the basic body temperature. The body temperature suddenly drops while ovulating, and it will rise by 0.2-0.5℃ the next day and keep it until the next menstrual period. You had better have sexual intercourse 6 days before the expected ovulatory period, because the sperms can survive for 5-6 days in the woman's body. In order to maintain a sufficient number of sperms, it is more effective to make love every other day than to make love for several times within one day.
The body position of the woman lying flat on her back and the man lying down on her in the sexual intercourse is most advantageous for getting pregnant. The female had better lie on her back with the buttock slightly lifted for 15 to 30 minutes after the sexual intercourse, thus the cervix can be soaked in the seminal fluid.

3. Making love in the afternoon
According to the research on the conception probability during the whole day by the scientists, if you want to get pregnant, the best time to make love is 5—7pm. The research finds that both the quality and quantity of the sperms vary greatly during the whole day, but they reach the peak value at the later period in the afternoon—coincidently it is also the time when the female is aptest to get pregnant.

4. Saying no to smoking/alcohol/drugs and stopping medicines
If you smoke or take drugs, please stop as soon as possible. Tobacco, drugs or alcohol will interfere your fertility. For some drugs, their effect will remain in your body after the function terminates. Numerous researches have proved that smoking and drug-taking will cause miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight infant. In addition, research shows that smoking may affect the reproduction ability and the sperm quantity of men. Women who take the oral contraceptive for a long time should prepare for pregnancy two months after stopping usage.

5. Refusing the caffeine
Research shows that excessive intake of caffeine will hinder the absorption of iron (pregnancy needs a large amount of iron), meanwhile, it will increase the risk of giving a still birth. So, you'd better give up such beverages as coffee, tea, coke, etc. and resort to drinks without caffeine. It is better to reduce the quantity of beverages containing caffeine gradually because the abrupt stop will cause headache. If you are really addicted to them, you can require yourself to drink only one glass every day, which is the safety limit accepted by most experts. Once you are accustomed to little quantity of the caffeine beverage or the life without it, you will find milk is actually a drink with good taste too, and the calcium it contains is very beneficial for you.

6. Controlling the body weight
Have you got it wrong that you should lose or gain weight before you want to get pregnant? In fact, it is reasonable to say so because the females whose body weight is in the standard range have higher probability to get pregnant. Research shows that the females whose body mass index is lower than 20 or higher than 30 are comparatively not apt to become pregnant. Therefore, you'd better control your BMI figure within 20~30 before preparing the pregnancy. If your body weight is not in the normal range, you can increase your chance of getting pregnant by changing your body weight. Please consult the professionals for making a set of excercise plans aimed to reach the ideal weight.

7. Choosing the healthy food
From now on, you should begin to choose the nutritious food in order to reserve the beneficial nutriments for the breeding environment of the future baby. You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, large amounts of grains and calcium rich foods such as milk, calcium-added orange juice and yoghurt every day. If you like eating fish, you should be cautious because some kinds of fishes, for example, the shark, sailfish, mackerel and tilefish, contain too high a content of mercury (mercury usually exists in the fish's body in the form of methyl mercury) while they are rich in protein. A large amount of methyl mercury is detrimental to the development of the fetus' brain. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the U.S. recommends the pregnant women to stay away from these fishes, and the intake of other boiled fishes should not exceed 340 grams every week. This advice is of considerable reference value for you.

8. Making and insisting on a set of long-term plans for body-building
Now begin to make a set of fitness plans, and you will reap the healthy physique most suitable for gestating the fetus. According to the study of American Sports Medicine Association, a set of exercise procedures for body building includes three parts: 1) aerobic exercise for 20~60 minutes each day for 3~5 days every week, e.g. walking or riding the bike; 2) muscle-enhancement training for 2~3 days every week, such as working out on the strengthen apparatus; 3) flexibility exercise for 2~3 days every week, such as ordinary stretching exercise, yoga, etc. And moreover, even if you are pregnant, those kinds of exercise have no problems for you, and you are even recommended to continue them.
If you usually do not like exercising, you should increase the amount of exercise step by step. Starting with some easy exercise, for instance, taking a walk for 10~20 minutes every day or adding some amount of exercise in daily life, such as climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift or getting off the bus one or two stations in advance and walking home.

9. Supplementing foods containing folic acid in right amount
The animal experiment indicates that lack of folic acid will cause the folic acid level in the serum to decrease obviously, thus reducing the conception probability of female hamsters. And the scientists also find that lack of folic acid will influence the formation of sperms, even leading to the infertility of men. So, in the recipe designed for getting pregnant quickly, the foods rich in folic acid are essential. Foods rich in folic acid include lettuce, cauliflower, rape, strawberry, tangerine, peach, kiwi fruit, etc.

10. The best season for conception
Choosing an ideal season for conception is of great importance for the good health of the pregnant woman and the growth of the fetus. The expert thinks that the best season for conception is the end of spring or beginning of autumn, namely March- April or September – October. The scientists have once investigated and analyzed 45,000 freshmen at universities, finding that the outstanding rate of the children conceived in spring or autumn is 60% higher than that of those conceived in midsummer. This is because the early stage of the pregnancy is the time when fetus' cerebral cortex forms, but the temperature is too high in hot summer and the pregnant women have severe pregnancy reaction with poor appetite, resulting in insufficient intake of protein and excessive consumption of the human organism; and the temperature is too low in cold winter with less supplies of fresh vegetables, and the pregnant women are often confined in the room doing little exercise and lacking of fresh air, and moreover they are apt to catch a cold. All these unfavorable climate conditions can influence the growth and intelligence of the fetus.
Such a statement is reasonable. Many animals' gonads are more developed at the end of spring and beginning of autumn, and they usually try to seek a mating partner to multiply offspring during these two periods. It is obvious these periods are suitable for conceiving a baby. Therefore, people are somehow inspired from that, and this is the secret of nature.

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