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Chances of Getting Pregnant - When Can You Get Pregnant

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Thinking about getting pregnant and wondering what are the odds it will happen for you? While unplanned pregnancy seems to happen with unbelievable ease, there are actually many factors that affect conception. Timing is everything, when it comes to the point in a woman's monthly cycle, as well as her age. Stress levels and underlying health conditions play a role in conception. Obesity also affects the odds of conception. Women must always bear in mind one other important consideration. The man's level of fertility and sperm count will come into play as well.

Persistence is Key

Research has shown that the longer a couple consciously makes an effort to conceive, the more likely it is going to happen. It's a matter of common sense. The more often that a couple engages in sexual intercourse at the period of ovulation, they increase the opportunities for successful fertilization. Couples can expect a 15-25% chance of becoming pregnant during a woman's period of ovulation, if they engage in sexual activity at the optimal time period, there are no barriers on a woman's part such as cysts or endometriosis, and the man has a healthy sperm count. In general, 40% of couples will achieve conception in the first three months. This rises to 70% of couples in six months, and 85% of couples within the first year. However, age is a major factor. As women approach the age of forty, their chances of becoming pregnant drop dramatically. Obese women experience difficulties at any time.

Using an Ovulation and Fertility Calendar Helps

Women can use an ovulation and fertility calendar to plot their menstrual cycle and pinpoint their most fertile time of the month. This is when couples need to focus their efforts. They should seek medical advice if it's ineffective. 

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