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Foods that can Help You Get Pregnant

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. Sprouts: sprouts contain a variety of vitamins,  which can clear the teratogenic substances in your body, and increase your hormone production.

2. Chives: Chives are rich in essential oils, cellulose and other compounds, such as crude fiber can help smokers & drinkers discharge poison.

3. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices: the biologically active substances they contain can block the harmful of nitrosamines to the human body, which also can change your blood pH.

4. Seaweed: the gum contained in kelp, seaweed and others can help the body to discharge radioactive substances, so it can reduce the incidence of radiation sickness.

5. Sea Fish: contain a variety of unsaturated acid, which can block the body's response to cigarettes, and can enhance the body's immune system.

6. Animal blood: after the proteins in animal blood (such as pigs, ducks, chickens and geese blood) being decomposed by gastric and digestive enzymes, they will react with the dust and harmful metals in human body, and produce some waste which can't be easily absorbed by human body, then excreted from the body.

Foods for man:

1. Protein and arginine foods are : High-quality protein is the main raw material to form semen. Some high protein foods: beef, mutton, poultry, eggs, fish, soy products, etc.. Arginine is an essential component to produce sperm.

2. Vitamins: Vitamins provide raw materials for the sperm to promote spermatogenesis. Vitamin E is closely related to the reproductive system, it can prevent the sexual organs aging, and promote the regeneration of empty insemination tubules.

3. Minerals, trace elements: Human testis, prostate and seminal fluid contain heavy concentrations of zinc, long-term lack of zinc will result in scarcity of sperm and testicular atrophy. Shellfish are rich in zinc, such as oysters.

4. Hormone-containing foods: such as sheep kidney, bullwhip, chicken liver, can encourage the generation of spermatogonia.

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