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Getting Pregnant Schedule

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Stage 1: 10-7 months before pregnancy

1. Adjust your lifestyle : expectant parents must quit smoking and drinking. expectant mothers who like coffee should drink fresh fruit or vegetable juice instead.

2. Have a comprehensive physical examination: Have a preconception medical examination to assess your health status. if you find some diseases, start treatment as quickly as possible to avoid medication adverse effects on future pregnancy.

3. Measure your body temperature and test semen: record the basal body temperature, detect the stability of ovulation

4. Take your pets to hospital to take a medical examination and detect the toxoplasmosis antibodies.

5. Keep away from unsafe environment: The expectant mother are not supposed to expose to hair dye before pregnancy, and suppose to stay away from the office air-conditioned environment and breath fresh air outdoors every 3 hours.

Stage 2: 6-4 months before pregnancy

1. Calculate the ovulation day: in order to increase the chance for pregnancy, you'd better figure out your most important fertile days. That is 15 days after menstruation, or 14 days before it.

2. Choose the best time to conceive: Experts generally believe that science studies suggest women get pregnant in August and give birth in May, because the weather is cooler in early autumn, and it's suitable for pregnancy.

3. To see the dentist: Don't forget to do dentistry examination! during the whole pregnancy period, expectant mothers are not suitable to visit dentist, you should have an oral health care before pregnancy and wash your teeth to ensure dental health, in order to avoid future trouble.

4. Begin to exercise regularly: You should exercise regularly for at least one month to get pregnant. Excises such as morning run, yoga, swimming are all good options.

5. Have a healthy diet: Different foods contain different nutrients, and your diet should include protein, fruits, vegetables, and carbohydrates. develop healthy eating habits.

6. change the contraception method: Stop using birth control pills at least 6 months in advance, switch to physical contraception methods, such as condom, withdrawal or rhythm methods.

Phase 3: 3-1 months before pregnancy

Adjust the frequency of sex: Reduce the frequency of sex Appropriate, expectant fathers should exercise to ensure the quantity and quality of sperm.

Phase 4: get pregnant

Have sex multiple times during ovulation,  a lovely and healthy baby will settle in your womb.

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