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How Can Men Prepare For Pregnancy

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. To prepare for pregnancy, expectant fathers must fit properly. A married man engaging in these kinds of work such as spraying of pesticides, herbicides should stop working for at least 70 days to make his wife pregnant, and don't touch chemicals and heavy metals.

2. The obese husband in the weight loss process can't make his wife pregnant. Because there are many harmful chemicals stored in his body, and lots of fat-soluble chemicals are stored in the fat. In the process of rapid weight loss, the poisons accumulated in the fat will be freed into the bloodstream, and then cause direct or indirect harm to the sperm.

3. The husband shouldn't abuse drugs, and they shouldn't use estrogen-containing creams. Many chemicals can affect the viability of sperm and increase abnormal sperms.

4. Have a balanced diet. Sperm production requires high-quality protein, calcium, zinc and other minerals and trace elements, arginine, vitamins and so on. If you don't have a balanced diet, sperm production will be affected, and some low-quality sperms will be produced.

5. Quit drinking and smoking. a variety of harmful substances in Alcohol and tobacco are harmful to the sperm. You should stop drinking and smoking for at least three months to conception.

6. Keep a good mood. If the husband is in blue, worried with a short temper frequently, then both his spermatogenic function and sexual function are unstable, which will affect the sperm production and quality.

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