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Six Kinds of Food From Which Females Planning for Pregnancy Must Stay Away

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Once you are planning for pregnancy, all would-be mothers had better change your own regular schedules and eating habits accordingly. Especially in the daily diet, if you want to conceive a baby fast, you must stay away from the following 6 kinds of food!

No.1: Carrot 

The carrot contains rich carotene, many kinds of vitamins and other beneficial nutritional elements for the human body. The gynecological experts from Rotergis Medical College in New Jersey of the U.S. discovered that in-take of large amount of carotene after women eat too much carrot would cause amenorrhea and suppress the normal ovulating function of the ovary. So, the carrot helps to practise contraception.

No.2: Coffee 

Researchers of American National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded after making studies on 104 women hoping to get pregnant: coffee has direct influence on conception. Among these women, the possibility of getting pregnant for women who drink more than one cup of coffee every day is only half of that for women who don't drink it. So, coffee is a must for practising contraception.

No.3: Garlic 

Eating a lot of garlic can reduce a person's vital Qi and also has obvious function of killing the sperms. Therefore, it has contraceptive function.

No.4: Papaya 

Papaya is a very effective contraceptive because the papain it contains can interact with progesterone to make it difficult to get pregnant. 

No.5: Alcohol

Scientific research has proved that the main element of wine is ethanol which can increase the density of catecholamine in the human body, make the blood vessels have spasms, and cause hypoplasia of the testis or even make them wither, thus the spermatogenesis would have structural change with such male hormones as testosterone secreting insufficiently. And as a result, males would have feminization reflections like the high-pitched voice.  This kind of males is apt to be sterile, and even if they can conceive a baby, the probability of having an abnormal child is relatively high. For females, it can cause irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, mutated ova, no sexual desire or anovulation.

No.6: Celery 

It is reported that doctors found through the experiments that men who eat more celeries would suppress the formation of testosterone, thus killing the sperms and resulting in the reduction of the sperm's quantity. After the fertile young males in good health eat celery for several days in succession, their sperm amount will obviously decrease or even be reduced to the degree difficult to make their partners pregnant. This situation can return to normal in several months after they stop eating it.

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