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Six Tips for Getting Pregnant Quickly

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

Want to get pregnant quickly? Understanding the following six tips for getting pregnant quickly can help you realize your goal as soon as possible no matter you are yearning for pregnancy or planning to give birth to a child at a specific time. 

Don't forget to supplement the folic acid at least one month before getting pregnant, which can greatly reduce the risk of birth defect. In addition, you should know more precautions before pregnancy. 


Tip 1 : calculating the ovulatory period

The biggest secret for getting pregnant quickly lies in knowing when you ovulate. Imagine the ovum as the bull's-eye and sperms as a good handful of arrows, and if you want to get pregnant, there must be an arrow hitting the bull's-eye.

Because most women only discharge an ovum for each menstrual cycle, you actually only have several days in which you can get pregnant. Understanding your ovulatory period means you and your partner can aim at the bull's-eye by distinguishing it but not shooting randomly by placing hope on sheer good luck. The following are several methods for calculating the ovulatory period. 

If you find your menstruation has been irregular for several months, it will be difficult to judge your ovulatory period. In this case, you’d better go to the hospital to be checked by the specialist. 

Tip 2 : choosing the best sexual intercourse time

Once you know your own ovulatory period, you can arrange the sexual activity at the best conception period, namely the period ranging from three days before the ovulating day to the very ovulating day. Certainly, it is OK to start the sexual activity earlier, and some women conceive due to the sexual activity six days before the ovulating day.  

You have sufficient time for arranging the sexual activity because the sperms can survive for 5~6 days in your body. But what you should know is that the ovum only survives for one day or so. In other words, if you make love on Monday, the sperms can survive in your oviduct, lurking until Thursday to wait for an opportunity to catch your ovum when it swims by them, and some sperms will keep waiting until Sunday. 

If you are uncertain about your best conception period, there is a simple but practical method: to make love once every other day. Such frequent sexual activities mean that there are healthy sperms in your oviduct very day eager to have a try. Once there is ovum discharged, they will act at once.

If you want to make love more frequently, that does not matter either. Though it cannot make you get pregnant more quickly, it won’t do you harm. 

What you should be reminded is that if you and your partner want to wait until your best conception period, you should ensure he is not “arid” for too long a time, that is to say he should ejaculate at least once before your best conception period. If he does not ejaculate, some dead sperms might gather in his seminal fluid at the crucial moment which cannot make you pregnant.  

Tip 3 : lying flat on your back after the sexual intercourse 

For a very long time, nobody can really explain whether it contributes to the chance of success for the sperms to reach the ovum and let it get fertilized if a woman lies flat on her back after the sexual intercourse so as to prevent the sperms from flowing out.

Now, we have good reason to think that lying flat on the back after the sexual intercourse is really helpful. In 2009, the researchers in Amsterdam of Holland found that those who lay flat on their backs for 15 minutes after the doctor sent the sperms directly to their uteruses in the artificial insemination were 50% more likely to get pregnant than those who stood up at once after the process.

Though we can't determine whether the situation of the sexual intercourse is the same as that of the artificial insemination, this research points out that it may lend a hand to your husband's sperms for you to lie flat for a moment quietly after the sexual intercourse. Anyway, it will do you no harm to have a try.

Tip 4 : enjoying the process

If you want to get pregnant urgently, perhaps you will find that you become anxious about it. Though this is normal, you should know that if you are not so nervous, it will be smoother to get pregnant. If you are under great pressure, your hypothalamus, namely the gland in your brain for regulating the ovulation hormone, cannot give full play to its function, and in this way your ovulating time may be later than usual or you will not ovulate at all for the whole menstrual cycle. 

So you must try every possible method to enjoy this conceiving attempt because enjoying the sexual activity can improve the conceiving probability. You should not only regard it (the sexual activity) as a means to give birth to a child. You can try different body positions during the sexual intercourse and do your best to add as much fun as possible to the endeavor for creating a baby. Anyway, no pattern is proved to be more effective than another one in the sexual intercourse for conception.

Tip 5 : preparing the sperms of the best quality


The healthy and strong sperms of sufficient quantity have the biggest opportunity to inseminate the ovum. The following methods would help your husband's sperms to give full play to their power: 

I. Abstinence from alcohol.  Research shows that it will reduce the testosterone level and sperm quantity and to increase the quantity of the unusual sperms at the same time for a man to drink alcohol every day.

II. Quit smoking and drug-taking. Smoking and drug-taking will cause the function of the sperms to be abnormal.

III. Sufficient intake of some key nutriments, such as zinc, folic acid, calcium, vitamin C and D because all these would contribute to making strong and vigorous sperms. 

IV. Don't bath in hot spring or have a sauna or hot bath because the high temperature will kill sperms. The function of the testis remains the best in the environment with a temperature of 34.5℃~36℃ (1~2℃ lower than the normal body temperature).


Your husband had better make the above-mentioned adjustments as soon as possible. It takes some time to make the sperms, so the improvement that he makes today will help him to produce seminal fluid of higher quality about three months later.

Tip 6 : getting your body prepared

If your body is suitable for conception, the probability for you to get pregnant will be higher. So, you’d better to take a pregnancy check-up to see whether you are suitable for conception or not and understand what improvement you may need to have. If in case you have any health problem, it will be very helpful to find and treat it at an early stage for your future pregnancy.

In addition, you should also stop drinking alcohol and give up drugs and smoking because all these habits will interfere with your fertility, and be even more harmful to the fetus. Do not forget to reduce the intake of caffeine since the amount of coffee exceeding one or tow cups for each day will lower your conception probability. 

When you need to see the doctor 

If you plan to get pregnant in a natural way, you will most likely realize your goal in the first three months of conceiving attempt. 60% of married couples would conceive their child within this time.


If it exceeds this time, how long you need to wait until it is necessary to go to a reproduction expert for a check-up depends on your age to a great extent because your fertility will drop with growth of the age. If your age is over 40, you should go to the hospital for a check-up at once. If you are aged 35~40, it is necessary for you to go to a doctor after a failure from the endeavor of six months. If you are still less than 35 years old, you may continue trying it until it is one year before you go to the hospital for a check-up.

Of course, if you suspect you or your husband might have a problem in fertility, you should go to the hospital for a check-up at once, and never delay it.

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