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Tricks to Get Pregnant with A Boy

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

You want a baby boy but can't find a way to pregnant with one? In fact, there are some tips to get pregnant with a boy. Diet control, change the vaginal pH, calculate ovulation time, control the frequency of sex, and hold the time and depth of gonobolia, all of these measures are the tricks to conceive a boy. which foods can help woman get pregnant with a boy? Those are cereals, high calorie foods and meat.

Tricks to get pregnant with a boy:

I. Diet control: Eat more alkaline foods, and foods with sodium & potassium, such as tuber plants, potato, sweet potato, fruits, chestnut, soda cracker, etc. you should use this way one month in advance before you get pregnant, so it can make an alkaline environment inside your body.

II. Change the vagina pH: washing vagina with soda water(2%-2.5%) before having sex can increase the odds.

III. Calculate ovulation time: it's easier to conceive a boy if you have sex while you are ovulating.

IV. Control the frequency of sex: the quantity of sperms every time you ejaculate is more if you have sex abstemiously, this can help too.


V. Hold the time and depth: It's easier to get a boy if man ejaculate after woman reach orgasm and ejaculate deeply around the mouth of the uterus.

Foods that can help you get pregnant with a boy?

I. Cereals: some people say that it's easier to get pregnant with a boy if woman have more cereals for breakfast.  take more cereals or corn flakes as they are delicious and healthy.


II. High calorie foods: The survey found that the odds of getting pregnant with a boy will be higher if women take more high calorie foods before pregnancy, high calorie foods: potato, yam, pachyrhizus etc.

III. Meat: The chance for getting pregnant with a boy will be higher if you have much potassium, calcium, Vc, Ve & Vb12 in your daily diet, meat contain these nutrients, so if you want a baby boy eat more meat properly.


IV. Salty foods: Scientist from South Africa found that the odds of conceiving a boy is higher if you eat meat and salty foods, and the women who eat more chocolate are easy to get pregnant with girl, so if you want a boy you should eat more salty foods before pregnancy, but don't take too much, it is harmful to your health.

V. Alkaline food: Keep the internal environment of your body alkalescent, this can make the Y sperms alive and increase the chance to get pregnant with a boy. So woman should have more alkaline foods such as cabbage, cabbage, rape, tomatoes, bananas, grapes, citrus, apples, strawberries, etc.


VI. Potassium & sodium rich foods: Having food with potassium & sodium can help conceive a boy, soda crackers, butter-free snacks, peaches, bananas, apples, watermelon, oranges, fish, seaweed, etc.

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