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Common Character of Delicate Woman

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. That's OK if you are not good-looking. But you must be kind and cute with excellent taste.

2. You don't need to follow the fashion, but you must have your own clothing style. 

3. Smiling all the time.

4. Never cry easily. Once you cry bitterly, then you should never feel sad for this issue.

5. Being good at making-up. And you will never leave your face without makeup. 

6. Despite your dreamy nature, you can still tell illusion and reality apart. 

7. You should get a clear difference among love, sympathy and friendship. 

8. Loving one man one time.

9. Having a wonderful friendship greater than love.

10. Trying not to put others to trouble.

11. As for those who you hate, you should turn a blind eye to them when you can be tolerant. If not, scold them until they never show up again.

12. Trying not to borrow money from others. If so, pay back money as soon as possible.

13. Enabling to drink. But, you should not drink alcohol readily. 

14. Having your own temper under control.

15. Learning how to refuse others.

16. Being aware of what kind of life you want to have and what your soul-mate looks like.

17. Knowing how far to go and when to stop while associating with your male friend. 

18. It is impossible to let everybody like you. But you should be able to make someone who you feel desirable like you. 

19. You should earn enough money to support yourself. Never economically depend on anyone else.

20. Sometimes, you can be silly on purpose and have a rest.

21. Keeping a habit of writing something. (writing on paper instead of typewriting on computer)

22. Adoring stars in a rational way. 

23. Being humorous now and then. 

24. While feeling lonely, you can read books, listen to music and do sports. But you will never look for a boyfriend or keep a pet. Because you are aware that it is unfair for them. 

25. Never fully devote yourself to love even you are totally attracted by someone.  

26. Loving your parents and your family.

27. Loving yourself and being nice to yourself.

28. Clearing knowing who loves you. 

29. Gooding at making a certain dish at least.

30. Giving advices instead of interfering to the people around you.

31. Never look down on anyone or any behaviors. The existence of life is a kind of greatness. 

32. Doing things with determination. Never regret for something.

33. Going to bed on time. Never go on diets even you are in the process of losing weight. 

34. Never smoke and take drugs. Never be addicted to the Internet. Keeping a good living habit. 

35. Being positive. Even you are in a troubled situation, you still believe in the good things of the world. 

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