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The Charm of Woman

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

1. The charm of appearance

A woman with a pretty face is usually considered a beauty by men. To be honest, however, even if a man can quickly tell whether a woman is beautiful or not, he may not be able to describe in his own words what exactly makes a beautiful woman. Besides, every man has his own distinct taste for beauty. Nevertheless, a quote by Coco Chanel makes a good point of women - there are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones.

2. The charm of disposition

There are two kinds of disposition: the exterior disposition and the interior disposition. We shall first talk about the exterior disposition.

For women, a necessary means of social networking is make-up and dress-up, on which women heavily relies to look pretty. Here is my point: everything has to be done in moderation; no matter how unique, sexy or fashion you desire to be, proper and comfortable dressing is always the basic principle for you to follow in dress-up. In addition, you should dress in a way that is proper to the occasion. As to make-up style, try to avoid heavy make-up unless you plan to attend some particular events. 

3. The charm of figure

In terms of charming figure, every man has different standards from others. A friend of mine favors thin women, while some other friends prefer plump women; there are even more people who don't care about body shape at all. Thus, never go on an extreme diet to lose weight, nor overeat to gain weight; otherwise, it will do more harm than good to your health. After all, a sick woman is not likely to look pretty.

4. The charm of accomplishment

Elegant disposition and manners can make your speech and conduct very fascinating. In most cases, celebrities succeed in behaving - or pretendingly acting- elegantly. 

5. The charm of fragrance

Roughly estimated, women, by wearing perfume, achieve a 22.9% increase in charm and an 18.5% increase in sexual appeal. Still, try to avoid heavy perfume; light fragrance is preferred, because light scent that smells like body fragrance can inspire men's endless desire and fascination.

6. The charm of voice

Some people may doubt whether voice alone can make a person charming. The answer is yes: more than one of my acquaintances exemplify the charm of voice. Nevertheless, natural gift is required in this case-not every woman can show such charm.

7. The charm of sex skills

Some people believe that a man enters into a relationship for the sake of sex, while a woman enters into a relationship for the sake of love. Anyway, why not try to make both great love and great sex if possible?

8. The charm of characters

Generally, extrovert people consider introvert people to be mature and steady, whereas introvert people consider extrovert people to be eloquent and social.

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