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List of Different Types of Management Styles

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  • 2019-04-03
  • By: Jane

The way a business is managed impacts the daily operations and functionality of the business as a whole. In order to manage employees and the day-to-day functions, a manager needs to project discipline and leadership. There is a variety of management styles that can be used to lead employees into running a successful business, here are just a few of the ones that are commonly enforced.

Micro-Management- This management style is the most vigorous, with managers closely monitoring employees daily work habits. Employees are kept on a short leash, and rarely are allowed to perform an action without first notifying the supervisor. The benefit of this method is there is little room for employees to mess around and perform non work-related actions while on the clock. Though employees are closely monitored, they may soon feel resentment towards the particular style and view the individual as more of a babysitter than an actual manager. If this style is implemented, then managers should make a point not to condescend their employees while trying to lead them.

Super Relaxed Workplace- This management style goes by the notion that micro managing does not work, when trying to successfully run a company. Instead, this manager believes that employees work better when left to be responsible for their own work. In many cases, employees and managers can establish a positive relationship built on trust. The drawback is occasionally the office may become too relaxed, and employees can take advantage of an easy-going manager and the situation. A corporation that is known to be super relaxed in management is Google, where the atmosphere is meant to be fun and easygoing in order to fuel creativity.

A Bit of Both- In this scenario, the style of management displays both an easy-going approach, with management used when deemed necessary. This is the best of both worlds since employees do not feel like their manager is a babysitter, yet they still respect them enough not to take advantage of their trust. This type of leadership is used throughout most successful businesses and provides a positive work atmosphere for both employees and managers.

There is a wide array of management styles used throughout businesses and large corporations. Generally, it depends on the type of company and business at hand, when determining which style will be most successful. Also, a lack of motivation from employees is commonly a driving force when determining which style of management to implement.

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