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15 Signs You Are in an Exclusive Relationship and What It Means

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  • 2021-03-03
  • By: Jane

So, you’re dating someone new and everything’s going well so far, and you might think to yourself “this is it.” The question is, however, whether he or she feels the same way towards you. It’s one thing to like someone enough to continue dating them but it can be a whole new world wondering to yourself if the feeling is mutual. In this article, we will talk about the fifteen signs you are in an exclusive relationship and what does this kind of relationship mean.

1. You’re not dating anyone else

The biggest sign you’re in an exclusive relationship is that you’re not seeing other people. And if you’re being honest, you don’t even want to. It could be that once you have crushes on some people, but now you are only thinking of the one you are currently dating. Other people don’t even come into the picture, and you’ve fallen hopelessly in love.

2. You see them in your future

If you’re not certain about someone, you don’t want to commit to them. When you are asked about your short-term plans, you don’t have room for the one you’re with. However, if you’re in an exclusive relationship, you take their schedules into consideration and include them in your plans. Whether it’s your next vacation destination or you're planning to take a new job in a different city, you check up on them first before proceeding.

3. You’ve introduced each other to loved ones

One of the deciding factors to being a couple is the introduction of him or her to the important people in your life. Friends and family’s approval play a huge role in the success of any relationship. They say that the people who know you best can assess whether someone is good for you in the long run. While you would still have a final say on who to be in an exclusive relationship with, you won’t be immune to the opinions of those who matter to you most before you met your beau. If he or she has already met your closest friends and family, then you can be sure that it’s one step closer to taking the next step.

4. You can depend on each other

We all want to be an independent man or woman, but we can attest that life’s better with someone by your side. When you’re in an exclusive relationship, you can depend on each other mentally, emotionally, and financially. When you’re with your person, no problem will be too tough to conquer and you know that you can rely on each other for support.

5. You’ve had “the talk”

Some people date once and they think they’ve found their soulmates already while other people take more time. But whether it’s been only a few dates or a whole year, you aren’t in an exclusive relationship if you hadn’t actually talked to each other about your relationship status. This eliminates confusion for both parties and allows you to trust that you’re both on the same page.

6. You’re social media official

Let’s be honest, these days what you post on your Facebook and Instagram accounts can be more revealing than hearsay from an acquaintance. While other people tend to be more private regarding their lives and relationship status, one indicator that you are officially in an exclusive relationship is that you both appear on each other’s social media profiles. Just like when exes remove each other from their Instagram accounts, budding couples post each other to showcase their newfound love to the world.

7. You spend the holidays together

If you’ve found a place for holidays when dating and you celebrate them together, then that’s a good sign that you’re in an exclusive relationship. Spending time during the holidays means that you both play a big part in each other’s lives. Another thing is buying each other gifts — you won’t really shell out hard earned money if you didn’t think you would spend more time together in the future.

8. You don’t consider yourself single

There are those people who date around until they’ve met the right one they want to be with in an exclusive relationship. This is totally acceptable so that you can choose someone you are really compatible with. However, when your friends invite you to a singles party or introduce you to a potential date, you refuse and think that you’re already taken. This is a sign that you’re already in an exclusive relationship. Suddenly, you don’t only think about yourself but also consider the one you’re with. Sappy love songs also have more meaning and you’re not bitter anymore when you see couples walking hand in hand. That special person comes into mind.

9. You know about their likes and dislikes

At the beginning of dating, your date is practically a stranger. You don’t know much about them. But the more you get to know someone and continue to spend time with them, you would know what their likes and dislikes are. This can be food, movies, or music preferences. Later on, you would also come to
know where they would want to live in the future, whether they want to have kids, and what their goals in life are.

10. You have personal belongings in each others’ place

It’s one thing to give each other gifts, the other is when you have items left in each other’s homes. Having his toothbrush in your bathroom signifies that you would continue to see him more in the future. This means that you are both comfortable enough to designate a space for their items in case they happen to stop by or stay over for the time being.

11. You feel comfortable around each other

New couples usually tip-toe around each other because they’re not yet comfortable at each other’s presence. But if you’re in an exclusive relationship and have been solely seeing each other for a while, the awkwardness disappears and you can be yourselves around each other. You’re past the embarrassing phase and know each other well enough to know that you would still stick around each other no matter what the circumstance is.

12. You can solve problems together

The strongest relationships don’t mean you don’t have fights, but how you resolve them when they arise. In fact, those who argue frequently at the beginning but eventually don’t have harsh argument would have a more stable relationship than couples who don’t argue at all. This is because you’re both upfront and honest with each other right from the start and you don’t have anything to hide. In that way, you can resolve the issues earlier and enjoy the relationship more down the line.

13. You trust them

Perhaps the most important sign of all is that you trust them. You don’t see any red flags and your gut tells you that they are good for you. An exclusive relationship means that the both of you are satisfied with each other and make each other happy, and that means that you can tell each other anything without the fear that the other one would leave. Couples become somewhat dependent on each other after quite some time, and when the going gets rough, rest assured that you have a shoulder to cry on.

14. You see each other frequently

This doesn’t mean you don’t see any more of your friends, but when you’re in an exclusive relationship, your life becomes meshed with theirs and you spend more time with each other than the other people. You don’t have to see each other daily, but regular dates and hangouts with other people are one of the key signs that you are indeed in an exclusive relationship.

15. You know their strengths and weaknesses

One of the perks of being in an exclusive relationship is that you know each other’s weaknesses yet you still choose to be with them. Nobody is perfect but you both seem to complement each other. This means that you are really coupled with partners who can make each other’s lives better by being in it.

Whether you are currently single or dating someone, we hope that these fifteen signs you are in an exclusive relationship shed some light into your romantic life. They say that you have to love yourself to be able to love anyone else, and this means that you need to take care and respect yourself enough to know whether you want to be exclusive with someone. If they don’t want to but you do, then don’t be afraid to clear the air and ask them outright.

In the meantime, if there’s no one that piques your interest, don’t worry, and use your time as a single person to fall in love with your life and do the things you want to do without worrying about another. Improve on the things you want to upgrade in your life. Keep yourself busy and discover your true self. Surround yourself with the people you love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic relationship, but a partner can mean your parents, friend, or colleagues. Make the most out of your blessed singleness so that when the right one comes along, you will be more than ready for it.

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