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Signs He Doesn't Want a Relationship with You

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  • 2021-02-18
  • By: Jane

It is very difficult to judge men. They are so unpredictable . If you are looking for someone for a relationship, you must know what the other person is going through. You cannot force relationships on others. Men never say they don’t want to be in a relationship with you, they will show it by their actions. It is up to you  whether you understand those actions, or you choose to ignore them. You need to be careful as the latter can lead to lots of distress and disappointment.

Abandonment is difficult to accept. It shatters your self-confidence. In order to avoid these unpleasant situations, focus on the actions of the man that you are expecting to be in a relationship with. Steve Harvey once said in his show that “Do not make a habit of collecting red flags, leave at the first one.”

If you can know  the other person’s intentions at the initial stages of a relationship, it will be quite easy for you to cope up with it. For your well-being, here I’ll be telling you some signs that predict the abandoning behavior of the other person. If you have experienced some of these signs in your man (to-be), it’s better for you to back-off.

He’s distracted when you are with him

One of the key features that nourish a relationship is attention. Your partner needs your undivided attention. A person’s loyalty towards his relationship is based on how much attention he devotes to his partner. If he is not paying attention to you, it is a quite obvious sign that he doesn’t want a relationship. You just need to pick up the hints.

Do you find him busy on his phone when he is with you? Do you need to repeat things because he didn’t listen? Did he forget to bring something you have been telling him for the past week? Don’t assure yourself that these things are common in a relationship. If he cares about you, if he loves you, and if he sees a future with you, he’ll never be distracted when he’s around you. He will give importance to you rather than ignoring you. He will cherish each word rather than just scrolling his phone throughout the conversation. His attention is the most important sign. You gotta look for it.

He avoids his introduction to your friends or family

Another important sign of a long-term relationship is how that man behaves to your acquaintances. The man who sees you as his better half always tries to get closer to your friends or family. He wishes to know more about you, that man will always be nice to your family or friends; as he sees you in a long-term relationship. What if your man (to be) isn’t behaving nicely with your friends or family?

So he refrains introduction to your friends or family? Does he avoid your family gatherings? Does he resist introducing you to his family or friends? Does he want you to keep your relationship hidden? If a man wants you in a relationship, he will confidently and happily introduce you to his family.

Similarly, he will avail every opportunity to meet your family or friends and will try to leave a good impact on them. If you have met no one close to him, your relationship doesn’t seem like a good option.

What if he gives you reasons for avoiding this confrontation? Keep one thing in mind. It’s the matter of your entire life. Excuses sound best to the person making them, don’t let yourself be fooled by such excuses.

He’s unreliable

Another material that strengthens the building of your relationship is trust. Your partner should be reliable. You should be able to count on him in your difficult times.  You must know that your man is consistent with his commitments. You should be sure that he doesn’t deceive at the last moment and lefts you alone in difficult circumstances.
Is he consistent with his commitments? Are you a priority for him, or he leaves you alone, in tough times, because he got an emergency? Does he care about when you need him? Does he often cancel the plans he made with you? If he cares for this relationship, he will never leave you unattended under challenging times. He will be by your side in your hard times. He will be reliable. He will make sure that you can depend on him. He will try his best to keep his words. If he isn’t able to do so, he will give you a proper reason for his negligence, at least.
If your man (to be) isn’t reliable, and after letting you down, he doesn’t even find it necessary to give you an explanation, he is not worthy of being in a relationship with you.

He prefers his convenience.

In a relationship, both partners have to take care of each other’s convenience. They have to respect each other’s priorities. A relationship is like a two-wheeled car. We cannot drive it with one wheel. Both the partners have to adjust according to the needs of each other.  If we talk about a man’s loyalty, be sure that he meets you or speaks to you not according to his convenience, but how it is done in a relationship. Make sure he gives you proper time.

Does he vanish suddenly while texting you? Does he ignore you for days and comes back as nothing happened? Does he try to mold all the plans according to his convenience? Is he always talking about his busy routine and never asks about how you are managing your affairs? You must be careful. You are human, and you need to be treated like a human. You deserve importance. You deserve a person who prioritizes you and your convenience. Your man should take care of your convenience. He should ask you while deciding important matters of your relationship.

If your man doesn’t give you the importance and only prefers his convenience, he doesn’t want this relationship; neither have you deserved this relationship.

He’s always flirting with other girls.

A relationship demands loyalty towards your partner. Teasing your partner is something else, but finding opportunities to flirt with other girls is questionable. Your man needs to be loyal towards you. If he loves you, he won’t find time to pay attention to other girls. A loyal man never disrespects or ignores you for other girls. You need to understand the difference. It is always the third person who destroys a relationship. If he is so preoccupied flirting with other girls, it might be a sign.
Do you often find him flirting with other girls? Does he take care of you noticing him flirting with other girls? Does he ignore you for the sake of other girls? Does he talk about other girls in front of you with no reluctance? These are the hints that you need to catch. Relationships don’t work if your partner is causing you mental disturbance. No woman wants his partner to flirt with girls, neither seriously nor jokingly. You have to notice the way he interacts with other girls. If he is so interested in so many other girls, he might not be interested in a relationship with you.
Men never want to bind themselves to a relationship when they can flirt with so many girls. Only the person, who loves you and wants you in a relationship, will do it for you.

You are confused

Vibes never lie. Your gut feeling is essential. If you are confused about your relationship with him, don’t. Don’t put yourself in a situation that will get harder for you. There is a reason behind every reaction and thought. Your confusion also has a reason behind it.

Do you ever wonder where things are heading? Do you feel mentally exhausted often? Does he cause you mental disturbance rather than pacifying you? Do you ever feel unwanted and unimportant when you are around him? Maybe it’s his cold behavior or his incompetency to make you feel wanted. It is common to be confused about a relationship, but it isn’t common to stay confused about a relationship.

If you are continuously dwindling between the two extremes of pulling along and letting go. Let it go. If he cannot provide you a single reason why you should keep a relationship with him, you should let him go.

Consider your confusion important. Think about it, and always prioritize your mental peace. If he cannot provide you mental stability, he will never offer you a good relationship ahead.

Bottom line

All men aren’t bad. It’s just that some men are not meant for you because they cannot treat you how you should be treated. Do a favor to yourself. Don’t ignore these signs and hints. Never force yourself into an unwanted relationship. You will get nothing but disappointment. If you encounter any of these signs, distance yourself as soon as possible, and stop dreaming of a relationship with him.

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