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Is It Normal To Have Never Been In A Relationship?

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  • 2021-03-10
  • By: Jane

Being in a relationship is something that is valuable to many people. If you are above 18 and you have never been in a relationship, don't worry; you will get a way out. Regardless of your circumstances, it is normal not to have been in a relationship for such a long time.

In this guide, you will get probable reasons why you have never been in relationships and how you can cope with such challenges.

Reasons Why You Have Never Been in a Relationship

If you have been experiencing difficulties in establishing a serious relationship with your lovers, don't stress; here are the reasons why and how to overcome it.

The Assumption that People Hate You

Are you the kind of individual who makes excuses when you fail to talk to your friend? You may like a certain lady, but fear approaching her because you think she won't get interested in you! Get over that assumption and make the first move. Perhaps she may have also been having a crush on you, and will appreciate any action you take.

Likewise, if you thought that guys hate you because of your shape, bear in mind that men are different and have unique tastes. Take it positively and stop being gloomy; otherwise, you may not appeal to them.

In case you are in college and your classmates rarely talk to you as they do to your friends, you need to audit yourself and find out why. It could be because you are not free with them or you are not talkative. Whichever the case, reverse the situation and make yourself more approachable.

You Are Yet To Find Your Perfect Match

If you have never come across the love of your life, don't blame yourself. It happens not only to you but to many people. Bear in mind that age is just a number, and never be bothered by it. Even though you are above 25, you can still search and get a perfect partner. The most important thing is to evaluate yourself and find out why you haven't met your dream partner.

Sometimes, it is vital to manage your expectations. You need to understand that nobody is 100% perfect, and in some situations, you will have to compromise. I am not saying that you go for any person but focus on pertinent aspects instead of minor issues. For instance, give priority to the person’s character instead of concentrating on their physical shortcomings.

If you are yet to get your match, you may start visiting social places, such as gyms, churches, shopping malls, and parks. This way, you will meet different people, making you have a variety of choices.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Guys should bear that ladies prefer men with confidence. You are still single, probably because you fear what girls would talk about you if you approached them. Don't allow cowardice to suppress your plan; take the initiative and make the first move.

Perhaps you feel insecure because of your shape. Your body may not be curved the way you want, but beware that there are some men who don't care about that. If the problem is your overweight, you may think of starting some workouts in a nearby gym. If that seems expensive for you, go online and learn some home exercises. Keeping fit will boost your self-esteem and enhance your self-confidence.

The Nature of Your Friends

The kind of friends you have may impact the nature of friendship you will establish you’re your lover. If your pals look down upon you because of your inadequacies, you may get discouraged and give up on searching for your lifetime partner.

The level of influence you have on your friends will determine the perception people will have about you. For example, if you are a leader of a music club in your college, guys may crush on you and start asking you to go out with them. However, if you are a man and you are always lagging behind your colleagues, a few ladies will notice you.

Re-examine the kind of friends you have; they could be contributing to your loneliness without your knowledge. More importantly, reinvent yourself and make friends with the right people. This way, you will be impressive and appealing to many people.

Caring Too Much of What People Say about You

If you are the kind of person who always agree to what others say, it may affect your relationship with those whom you intend to love. For example, if you belong to a women group and you don't question wrong things for fear of what they will say about your, then people will start doubting your character.

Avoid yielding to pressure and pleasing people all the time, even when things are not working for you. Stand firm, condemn ills and appreciate what is right. Women like men who are bold in voicing their concerns, especially when people cross their lines.

Additionally, if you are a lady, stop depending too much on your friends to make decisions regarding your relationship. Even though it is advisable to seek your friends' opinion about your guy, think critically and don't rely on everything you are told.

Not Taking Risk

Failure to take the risk can cost you a lot. If you are in love with someone and fear approaching them, you may end being lonely for some time. Nobody wants to associate with non-risk takers! Take the initiative and approach the person you love. It doesn't matter the kind of response you will receive from them; do as per your feelings.

It is better to try something and fail rather than playing safe all the time and getting nothing. Bear in mind that when you approach someone, there are two outcomes - acceptance or rejection. Prepare in advance on how to manage either of these. In any society, people who attempt something are respected than those who don't. For instance, women will respect you if they realize that you dare to approach them. The same case applies to ladies. They also have to take the risk if they want to approach their dream men. As a woman, you may not do it directly, but you can use tactics to convey the message to him. Be ready to manage his response, whether positive or negative.

You Are Just a Mere Friend

Avoid confining yourself to a friend-zone and start doing things differently. Go the extra mile and send signals to your friends that you are interested in more than friendship. Demonstrate to your lover that you really love and value them. Be confident and express your passion, and let them understand that you have intimate feelings for them.

Sometimes, playing hard-to-get may ruin your chances of being loved. No one would like chasing strange characters. I am not against your delay tactics; however, don't overdo them. Start having a positive attitude towards getting sexual with your partner; otherwise, you may miss a great opportunity.

Poor Dressing

It is so sad to fail to get into a relationship because of your poor dressing. Beware that people dress differently for various occasions. If you are going out for dinner, dress specifically for that function, and avoid wearing official clothes. This way, you will look impressive and attractive.

Unlike men, women take a lot of time in the salon making their hair, especially when they are anticipating a date. Likewise, they expect their male counterparts to do the same. The proper dressing doesn't mean putting on an expensive outfit; it instead refers to dressing in the proper attire for the occasion.

Guys, avoid wearing oversized clothes with mismatched colors. If you have a first date with a girl, ensure you dress decently from top to bottom. More importantly, bear in mind that ladies pay a lot of attention to the kind of shoes you wear and ensure that you get it right.

You Are So Nagging

Nothing ruins a relationship other than pestering someone a lot. If you are the kind of person who bothers your partner, they may think you have a short-term motive. Depending on the stage of your relationship, exercise self-control and avoid going overboard. For instance, if you have met someone for the first time, cease from being needy and revealing your emotions soon. Stop texting them more than they do and limit visiting them.

Also, stop doing a lot of chasing and allow your friend to it as well. If your partner perceives you as so needy and eager, they may think you belong to a low-status category. Your friend needs to work for you, and you have to challenge them to do so.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of why you have been single for this period, it is crucial to start doing things differently to win the better half. In a nutshell, be a leader and start making wise decisions. Additionally, learn to say no when things are wrong and be confident to approach the people you love. 

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