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30 Healthy Relationship Quotes

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  • 2021-03-19
  • By: Jane

Relationships are part of our lives. They can contribute to our success and even hardships. Sometimes, relationships can be challenging. We may experience mental breakdowns, heartbreaks, or even friendship loss. Have you ever found yourself in such a situation? Well, I believe there is no perfect relationship.

Relationships can have issues that might contribute to arguments. We all deserve a healthy relationship for a happy life. Healthy relationship quotes can assist you in achieving that. They inspire you to work out with your partner—the article aims to lay out several healthy relationship quotes. Read through for insightful information.

What is a Healthy Relationship?

A healthy relationship is an ideal form of relationship where both partners work under the critical virtues of communication, commitment, and compromise. These values are the primary determinants of a healthy relationship for most individuals.

Healthy Relationship Quotes

Here are some healthy relationship quotes to inspire you for a beneficial association with your lover.

1. To have a healthy relationship, you need to have steady trust in each other. – Beau Mirchoff.


2. It would be best if you had open communication when you are in a relationship. – Neil LaBute


3. You can estimate happiness in a happy marriage by the number of scars on the tongues. The scars on the partners come along from holding back, angry words. – Elizabeth Gilbert.


4. All types of good relationship, particularly marriages, are subjected to respect. Any goodwill in a relationship with no respect might appear to be short-term. – Amy Grant.


5. You cannot abolish loneliness in an intimate relationship. When you get comfortable with each other, you can work it through independently in a healthy fashion. Double halves cannot make up a healthy relationship. You need two wholes to achieve a healthy relationship. - Patricia Fry.


6. Some individuals think that you can measure love by the number of butterflies in the tummy. Others, on the other hand, think that you can estimate love by the bouquet. Or, by utilizing the phrase 'forever.' But, you can measure love by the actions you make. This does not mean employing ambiguous and luxurious actions. It can be the simplest thing, such as peeling an orange for your lover because you know they do not enjoy doing that. - Marian Keyes.


7. The start of love should enable us to let our partners be true and perfectly to themselves. We should not change them to adjust to our image. Otherwise, we might love the reflection of ourselves in them.  - Thomas Merton.


8. We often underestimate the high potential of a touch, a smiling face, an ear that listens, honest compliments or even minimal acts of caring. All of this has the strongest power to transform our lives. - Leo Buscaglia.


9. What is the highest purpose of life rather than that of making our lives less tough for each other? - George Eliot.


10. The ultimate advice to a healthy relationship is to know the time you need to give space or come closer to your lover. - Doménico Cieri Estrada.


11. Chains do not stick marriages together like glue. What does that is the tiny threads, the hundreds of them which put people together all through the many years. - Simone Signorel.


12. Loving someone and cherishing the idea of them has a key difference. - Gilian Flynn, Gone Girl.


13. You can relate love to a commitment to safeguarding someone's heart with similar passion you use to protect your own. - RobHillSr.


14. An ideal relationship will not come to make amends in your life. You need first to make ends meet in your life. - Matthew Hussey.


15. Real forgiveness in relationships is not a walk in the park. You cannot rush or structure it. - Sharon Salzberg.


16. Do not allow the external environment to interfere with your relationship. A healthy relationship is flexible. It will adjust, adapt and proceed with the powerful romance. - Steve Maraboli.


17. Honesty paves the way for trust. Trust is the primary key to a healthy relationship. - J.R. Incer.


18. Life is made up of challenges. Eventually, it is the dusting and getting up from the dark days that matter a lot. It gives you the chance to adore the sunshine. - Azelene Williams.


19. When you get yourself in a relationship where you cannot express your feelings, the association may not last long in the name of keeping the peace. This is because a single person rules an unhealthy relationship. - Bronnie Ware.


20. A healthy relationship will never allow you to make sacrifices for your dreams, dignity or friends at any point in life. - Dinkar Kalotra.


21. So far, many individuals are in the long search for the right person rather than trying to be the right person instead. - Gloria Steinem.


22. When you leave others responsible for making you happy, I am afraid that you will only turn out to be miserable. This is because it is actually your real job. - Linda Alfiori.


23. When you remove toxicity from your life, you create room for outstanding things. These things include positive and healthy relationships. - John Mark Green.


24. You might cherish people for how they are when you stop expecting perfectness. - Donald Miller.


25. A healthy relationship is like a feast of love for both partners. It does not apply when one of the individuals gets crumbs and still convince themselves that they are satisfied. - Shannon Thomas.


26. The most terrible thing in life is not to end up alone. The painful pinch occurs when you end up with people who make you feel alone. - Robin Williams.


27. Love needs to be in a way that the other person feels free when you love him or her. - Thich Nhat Hanh.


28. We can make positive changes in our relationships when we learn from our bounds and leaps. We also need to be encouraging rather than criticizing all the time. - Joyce Meyer.


29. Do not step out in front of me. I may not follow you through. Or, do not stroll behind me; I may not be effective to lead you. Instead, walk beside me and be my buddy. - Albert Camus.


30. Do not suffocate each other. No individual can develop in the shade. - Leo Buscaglia


Final Thoughts

If you are struggling in working out your relationship, you might get inspired by the above resourceful, healthy relationship quotes. The quotes are from powerful individuals who have helped millions of people. I’ve no doubt the quotes will give you and your partner a happy time and life.

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